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ZombiU Review: Fancy a Cup of Tea, Mr. Zombie?

Posted on August 8, 2013 at 6:05 pm by Justin Cavender


Ubisoft’s ZombiU puts the player right in the middle of zombie-infested London, with a low probability of survival. The game is filled with terrifying moments of uncertainty, along with a gripping sense of urgency. On several occasions, my poor survivor met an untimely demise from my fumbling hands at the controls. Was it really my fault, though? I stared at the face of death and watched as it ripped my throat out. Don’t hesitate for a second or the same thing will happen to you.

Welcome to ZombiU

Survival horror tales have a way of getting under my skin. The thought of being alone as the world falls apart around me sends chills down my spine. Luckily, you’re not entirely alone in ZombiU. A man you know as “the prepper” is an ex-military guy held up in a safe house somewhere nearby, guiding you all over town. He speaks to you through your GamePad and monitors your every movement via security cameras.

ZombiU Pistol

In the game, you’ll quickly notice resources are scarce, forcing you to conserve your ammo and health packs. Try to avoid shooting every zombie you see, as they’re attracted to noise. Before you know it, you could drown in a sea of walking corpses.

Which brings me to the death mechanic.

Chances are you’re going to die quite a bit in this game. When you start over, you’ll be a new character who managed to find the safe house. Unfortunately, the character you let die has your backpack with all of your supplies in it. Returning to the spot where your character died is the only shot you have at getting your supplies back. Be careful though, now your old character is a zombie, eek! It should be noted that if you fail to retrieve your backpack before you die again, it will be lost forever.

Perfect Use of the GamePad

I really liked how ZombiU took advantage of the Wii U GamePad, serving as your ultimate tool for survival. Some of its functions include sonar, accessing your inventory, scanning the area, and even sniping. There are times when you need to look down at your GamePad, and doing so might get you killed. Constant vigilance is the only advice I can really give you. I’m sure players may gripe about overuse of the second screen, but I look at it as a welcomed change to my everyday video game routine.

Multiplayer Capabilities

The multiplayer mode is offline and supports two players. One player acts as the survivor, using a Wii Remote and Nunchuck or Pro Controller, trying to capture control points. The other player acts as a “Zombie Master,” utilizing the GamePad to summon zombies and capture the control points. The Zombie Master may deploy more powerful zombies as he or she captures more points. Personally, I had more fun controlling the zombies, but it’s purely a matter of taste.

Overall Impressions

I would recommend ZombiU to anyone who owns a Wii U and is a fan of survival horror. The sound of zombies creeping up on you is chilling to say the least. Even with the use of sonar, you never really know what’s waiting for you on the other side of the door. There’s a delicate balance between moving as fast as you can and taking your time to go unnoticed. The run and gun method won’t always work in ZombiU, which could lead to frustration. Use your head, conserve your resources, and you might make it through the night.

Presentation: 9

Gameplay: 9

Replay: 8


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