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Zenescope Brings Dual Offerings for FCBD

Posted on May 1, 2015 at 5:37 pm by Tyler Waterman

If you’re heading out for FCBD, make sure you don’t miss out on the two offerings from Zenescope! There’s something for the kids (big and small!), and something that’s definitely only for the older reader… but both look awesome! Take a look at the previews below!


Jurassic Strike Force 5
Writer and Creator: Joe Brusha
Artists: Roger Bonet, Beezzz Studio
Cover Art: Marat Mychaels
Super ninjas, threat to humanity, and tacos! A sci-fi, adventure series with a ton of ludicrous action, which takes the reader to outer space, Antarctica, 65 Million years in the past to the Jurassic period, and finally to Washington DC., Jurassic Strike Force 5 features a group of alien warrior dinosaurs equipped with space armor, energy swords, and dual blasters who are sworn to protect Earth & the Galaxy from the villainous overlord, Zalex. Perfect for any Jurassic junkie, the series is a throwback to those great Saturday morning cartoons of the 90s. In the Free Comic Book Day edition, two members of the Strike Force team, Spike & Tank, are the only ones on hand capable of facing a new threat to Earth, Doctor Terror and his band of Super Ninjas. All the while they battle to find a new found love, of tacos.



About Wonderland
Writer: Erica J. Heflin
Artists: Tony Brescini, Fran Gamboa, JC Ruiz
Do you dare peer into the Looking Glass this May? Erica J. Heflin, who has been making waves in creator-owned comics with her strong female characters and twisted, mind-bending stories, has delivered a standalone Wonderland story, which delves into the bloody past as well as the dark future of the Looking Glass… the mirror which helped turn the Liddles into the new Manson family.
Heflin also writes the monthly ongoing Wonderland series, which focuses on Calie Liddle… the White Queen of Wonderland. Calie has purged the madness that turned the Realm of Dreams evil to its core, but the shadows of the past still lurk in the darkest corners of Wonderland, waiting to strike.
Wonderland, both the ongoing series and the FCBD issue, are action-packed fantasies that reimagine Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland as a dark, blood-soaked family saga.

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