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You’re Next: Fun For The Whole Dysfunctional Family

Posted on August 29, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Jess Hicks

Home invasion is something the horror world is very familiar with, it’s a sub-genre that is cheap to do but can usually have a pretty effective scare imprinted on the audience’s brain. It’s something we have all thought about, something that could happen to you. Did I lock the door? What was that noise outside? However, if you aren’t a fan of this particular branch of horror it can become very over done and boring. Thankfully, Adam Wingard’s You’re Next will give you a different perspective, and hopefully a new appreciation, of home invasion flicks. Sure You’re Next essentially tells the story of a strained family gathering that is interrupted by some crazy guys in animal masks but somehow…it’s more.

Beware there may be some slight spoilers after this break, you have been warned.

You're Next the animals

You’re Next does a spectacular job of fleshing out it’s characters without spending too much time on them. Each member of the family has their own quirk and, for the most part, are pretty damn annoying. From the time the eldest brother, Drake, is introduced I wanted him to get taken out. However, though these characters can be unlikeable you still can relate to them because let’s be honest, we all have goodie goodie like Drake in the family who has to be the best at everything (if you don’t then it’s probably you) or a Crispin who followed his dream instead of his parent’s dream and it didn’t work out so well. Or maybe it’s the significant others you relate to? You know that awkward time when you have to meet your honey’s family for the first time and all you want to do is stab yourself in the eye when they ask “So what do you do for a living?” and your answer is anything but “I make millions of dollars in a steady job.” Bottom line there is someone in here that everyone will be able to relate to and that usually isn’t something we get in the horror world.

We also finally have a female character to root for! If your looking for dumb sluts and naive virgins you have come to the wrong place! This time we get a rough and tumble Aussie chick who can kick major ass without blinking an eye. And that, I think, is where this movie really took a giant leap in the horror community. While it fell under a familiar genre with some familiar building blocks it also takes us on a ride we aren’t expecting, which is hard for the casual horror fan to take. Which is why we end up with Paranormal Activity 9  and a remake of a classic, change scares people.

You're Next- Felix & Zee

Thankfully Wingard isn’t the casual fan, he is a horror junkie and knows what new and old fans can appreciate. He blends the horror and comedy genre just as well as say movies like, Shawn of the Dead. The audience also isn’t bogged down by a lot of inane banter between characters or silly scenes of leisure. The action pretty much starts immediately and doesn’t stop until the very end, it’s really a thrill ride through and through.

Is there gore? Yes. Is their suspense? Yeah. Does the score bring back memories of awesome horror movies from the past? Triple yes! Sadly, You’re Next isn’t booming at the box office. I blame it on bad marketing and audiences who can’t get enough of the same crap week after week, You’re Next is destined to become a “home video” classic like so many of the great horror films. So if you are in the mood for a really great horror film that will surprise and entertain I highly recommend You’re Next. If you have already seen it, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

You’re Next: A

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