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Xbox, Show my Stuff! Check Out The All-in-One Demo

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 11:20 am by Justin Cavender

All-in-One Demo

Marc Whitten and Yusuf Mehdi share with us a walkthrough detailing several features and apps in an All-in-One demo for Xbox One. In this video you’ll get to see how seamless the transition will be for switching applications, regardless of the user. Other fun features include a biometric sign-in, Live TV, Skype, game DVR, and OneGuide.

I can imagine there will be some hiccups with user commands right at launch and possibly beyond. Perhaps the Kinnect will require users to repeat commands a few times before it finally registers. Let’s just hope you don’t get so hot and bothered you throw the damn thing out the window.

What do you guys think of the All-in-One demo? Does the UI send chills down your spine? There’s certainly a lot of action happening on the screen and hopefully mastering the commands proves to be quite simple.

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