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Xbox One over PS4?

Posted on June 13, 2013 at 11:06 am by Stephen Wood

Xbox One over PS4?


Choosing which console I will pick in a new generation is an inner battle I have had since the NES and the Sega Master System duked it out in the 80s. Sure, I usually end up buying them all at some point but which one will be first is something I always struggle with. Now I am faced with that first world dilemma again as I must choose between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. There are many arguments that can be made for either side but I had to make a choice. My pre-order is in and in this article I will explain why I will buy an Xbox One over a PS4.

More bang for your buck


This will come as a surprise to everyone but I stand by my choice. The One has been announced to be $499 US and the PS4 at $399 US but I still believe the $100 difference is entirely justified. The One’s ability to integrate my television and other devices as part of the system’s capabilities is something I have always wanted from an entertainment system. The fact that it’s a gaming console on top of that makes it even better. Picture in Picture is not a new concept but being able to play my favorite game, watch hockey and follow my fantasy league all at once is a dream come true. Kinect integration is also something that I personally enjoy. I use my Kinect regularly for exercise, voice commands and is always a hit at get-togethers. While I understand some people’s frustration at not having the choice of buying it or not, having it mandatory will push developers to find new and innovative ways of bringing Kinect into games. Not to say I want to wiggle my arms with every game but with the new features it boasts such as monitoring your heartbeat, it might be interesting for a game to use it in a horror setting for example. One other feature that I am looking forward to is the ability to play my games from any Xbox One without hauling my discs all over the place. As someone who travels frequently to visit friends in my hometown, it will be a nice convenient feature that wasn’t possible before. Having access to your library everywhere is just another feature that gives this console an edge.

When discussing the prices for both the systems, it’s important to put it into perspective. I have heard a lot of complaints over the hefty price tag on both systems, especially the One but when I look around the room where I am writing this article, I realize that $500 is not that much considering the amount of use I will get out of it compared to other items I own which were considerably more.

Better games


This is entirely my opinion and everyone has the right to theirs but I believe the One will boast a better lineup of games than the PS4, at least from what has been announced thus far. Console exclusives such as Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Project Spark and Forza 5 are just some of the revealed examples that give the One an edge in the first few months of release. Sure you can buy some of these on the PC but as a console gamer, I will only be able to buy them on the One. On top of great exclusives, they are also getting franchises that were once exclusive to Sony such as Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts, both of which would have pushed me to get a PS4 had they still been exclusive to Sony. The PS4 does have a couple good exclusives as well with a new Killzone and InFamous but it isn’t enough to tip the scale on their side. Sure you can get an extra skins here, early beta access there and 1 hour of extra missions but those are not things that would sway me either way, more like a nice perk if it falls your way. Maybe we will see more games revealed down the line but right now, I give the win to Microsoft on the software side.



The Wii got the ball rolling on the innovation side but I believe the Xbox 360 came out on top in the end. The inclusion of achievements, avatar awards, kinect and all in one functionality is just some of the innovative ideas Microsoft brought to the world this generation. The Xbox One seems to be further pushing that envelope and it’s another reason why I chose the One for the next generation. Sure some of their ideas are not popular with some fans but they aren’t afraid to try new things for better or worse. While Sony claims their system is simply made for gamers, Microsoft sees the bigger picture and wants to bridge the gap between “hardcore gamers” and “casual gamers”. The 360 brought us Kinect and maybe the One will bring us Illumiroom so I for one am willing to hop on and see where it takes me. They haven’t disappointed me yet.

In the end, regardless of what console you choose, we all end up winners as we step into new adventures in the coming generation. We can debate which is better forever but until we finally get to play with these new consoles and really test them out, we won’t know which is better. Well it’s the Xbox One but you get the point! That’s why I will buy and Xbox One over a PS4 this fall.

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    • Stephen Janes

      It’s funny how the last generation, the PS3 sold for $499 and the Xbox360 sold for $399. I agree with you on the opposite side; had Metal Gear Solid V been announced as an Xbox exclusive, it would have decided my next console for me. I’m sure I’ll own both consoles eventually, but the PS4 is still going to be my first.

      You make great points, Steven. I don’t think people can make a bad decision with two good consoles, though.

    • MrJukes

      Valid arguments, strange to see these on the internet 🙂
      I reserved my One yesterday.

    • The *only* reason I have a PS3 is because it was a cheaper alternative to a stand-alone Blu-Ray player at the time and I figured “why not?”

      I have yet to see anything out of Sony that would make me want to go PS4. While there are aspects of the Xbox One I am not thrilled with (looking directly at you Kinect) there is still no substitute for Xbox’s interface and online experience.

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