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Xbox 720 Reveal Date Hinted

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 4:03 pm by Stephen Janes

It seems that the Xbox 720 (or Durango) reveal date has been hinted at, with the big announcement slated to come during Microsoft’s keynote at E3 this June. This is hinted at by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and a countdown timer that concludes with Microsoft’s keynote at E3 this June.

If you wish to see the countdown timer for yourself, head on over to the blog of Xbox Live’s Major Nelson.

It was obvious that this year would be the last of the current generation of consoles and you would be hard pressed to find anybody who would argue against that. We still have no concrete idea what the next Xbox is called or what kind of specifications it will sport, but we do know that the end is near. It would be interesting if Sony is planning on making a similar announcement for the Playstation 4 (codenamed Orbis). You would think they learned their lesson with the late release of the Playstation 3, but nobody can be certain until an actual announcement is made.

So it seems certain the new Xbox will make its debut at this years E3. Taking a total guess and not knowing anything about the development cycle of a console, it would make complete sense to announce the console at E3, show off some tech demos then have the console ready to go by the 2013 holiday season. This depends on how long Microsoft has actually been working on the console, although rumors suggest this has been in development for a few years now.

What are you Geeks expecting out of the next Xbox? Do you think it will have BluRay support? Will the Kinect play a bigger part in the new console? Sound off with your hopes and wishes for the next generation of consoles.

Also, does anybody remember when this was predicted by that crappy Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie, Reel Steel?

Reel Steel_Xbox 720


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    • gabriel

      i watched real steel and i didnot see that is this true

    • The movie makes a joke about it (see screenshot), but never said it was true. Considering the movie takes place in the future, it was just meant to be a joke.

    • I dont know if thats true

    • thejerd

      I am going to buy the crap out of one of these as soon as it comes out!

    • kevin

      xbox??ps4 ma byt vymakanejsi đŸ™‚ jednoznacne ps đŸ™‚

    • nick

      xbox 720, ps4, and wii u image the new consoles in the next 20 years

    • Tristan

      The XBOX 720 looks super hard and awesom but one problem has too many buttons

    • i knew my bf wasn’t as dumb as people thought he was

    • xbox720

      yeay xbox đŸ˜€

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