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Posted on November 3, 2012 at 11:22 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

As you can tell from the many articles I’ve posted on Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph I was extremely excited to see this film. And fortunately for me it did not disappoint. From the voice acting to the video game cameos, this film is a fun ride from start to finish.

Snack-Size Review: Wreck-It Ralph proves that Disney can still make films without a Princess, musical numbers, or fairy tale to fall back on. The visuals were amazing and significantly different from one world to the next.  The voice acting was top notch. Slight complaint that so much of the film took place on the cutesy Sugar Rush world, but only because the glimpses we got of the other worlds had us yearning for more.

Wreck-It Ralph follows the titular Ralph (John C. Reilly), a Donkey Kong like villain in the classic arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. Who after 30 years of being treated like a bad guy decides there has to be more to life. He embarks on a quest to prove that he can be a hero that takes him to other game worlds within the arcade while his game suffers from his absence.

The film also features the voice talents of Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch. A popular complaint when using famous actors in an animated film is that they take you out of the movie because you can only picture the actors. This is not the case with Wreck-It Ralph, the story and visuals keep you locked in for the whole ride. The many video game character cameos were great; ranging from the “Bad guy” support group to Sonic warning you about the pitfalls of game jumping to the Q-Bert crew who find themselves down in their luck. Disney had stated that there were over 200 cameos in total and the film maker’s love for video games really shines through.

The film’s main locales are the video game worlds of the 80’s classic Fix-It Felix Jr., the modern first person shooter Hero’s Duty, and the late 90’s kart racer Sugar Rush—each with their own unique style and mood. You really feel immersed in the worlds; and it was clear that the writers had a fun time creating each world, especially in the Sugar Rush world, where the sweet-themed jokes don’t seem to stop. From talking donut cops named Winchell and Duncan to the Oreo guards, they left no play on words unspoken.

My only criticism is that they spent a lot of time in the Sugar Rush world. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I would have liked to have seen a little more of the other worlds. Either the dark and grim alien infested world of Hero’s Duty or the charming Niceland that was the setting for Ralph’s game Fix-It Felix Jr.

I took my 5 year old son. and he was in awe from the first frame. Like all kids, he loves video games, and it was great to share this experience with him. If you have kids, nieces, nephews, god kids  or if you’re like me and are just a kid at heart, this is a must see.

Snackbar’s grade : A-

Have you seen it? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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    • Tom

      Saw it with my niece and nephew last night. Great family flick. If you grew up in an arcade you will love it too.

    • Jenna

      I loved it, kids loved it. Win/Win!!! Only down side is that my son ate too much popcorn and got sick that night. Still worth if though. Take your family to we it. Great family time and it makes a fun game to spot as many video game characters you recognize as possible.

    • Walter

      I thought it was good, but my grandson LOVED it!!

    • 8bit Geek

      Awesome, we're taking the kids to see it this afternoon. Nice review.

    • I really enjoyed it! I was hooked the moment Zangeif came on-screen…

    • Jennifer

      My children and I loved it! My 5 year old wanted to buy Wreck-It Ralph for her DS, had a gazillion questions about Q-Bert and insists Disneyland make a Sugar Rush ride! Her words, That would be super cool!
      I highly recommend this movie. It's a nice break from singing princesses. 😉

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