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World of Warcraft Mega Bloks are Mega-Cool!

Posted on August 8, 2012 at 11:54 pm by Randy

WoW Mega Bloks
It’s no secret I’ve been off the crack, I mean World of Warcraft for a couple years now, but I still love it. If time allowed, I’d be playing it every day, but luckily I’m a toy guy, so having figures on my desk at work is the next best thing. Enter the World of Warcraft Mega Bloks!

First I have to say a word about Mega Bloks: Personally, I’ve never owned a set before and I, like many other toy collectors, previously looked at them as Lego-wannabes, or cheaper knock-offs.  But I have to admit over the past few years they have acquired some really great licenses, specifically the Halo franchise, and most recently World of Warcraft. WoW isn’t the only Blizzard property being taken on by Mega Bloks, they’re also debuting a StarCraft line in 2013, and rumors are swirling that Diablo is soon to follow.

The bits and pieces don’t quite feel as sturdy as our beloved Legos, but I think the most disconcerting thing about Mega Bloks is the fact that so many pieces are specialized. Its feels more like a toy with “some assembly required” rather than a fully committed building/construction toy.  When it comes down to it, I’ve come to realize that I really prefer traditional action figures, so this style of toy is perfect for me.

LSindragosa and The Lich Kinget’s start with the packaging.  It’s stunning.   The box art drew my eye to these sets immediately with raised texture with smooth glossy surfaces.  This really helps it stand out and catch the light.   Before I saw them at my local Target last weekend, these weren’t even a blip on my radar.  Then after talking myself out of buying every set (a $400 proposition) and thinking about it over the weekend, I decided to go back and pick up some of my initial favorites.   Check out the Lich King and Sindragosa (MSRP $34.99 US)

The sculpt and articulation is fantastic for a figure only two inches tall.  Ball jointed neck, shoulders and hips, swivel waist and wrists, and hinged elbows.  The cloak, shoulders and chest armor are removable to allow full customization of all your figures!  Perhaps I will delve more into the Lich King set once I have had a chance to put it together, but for now I would like to concentrate on another one of my favorites: The Barrens Chase (MSRP $24.99 US)
WoW Mega Bloks - Barrens Chase
Note the treasure chest icon in the lower left corner of the box.  That means this set includes secret mystery loot!  This is by far one of the sneakiest marketing ploys I can think of, solely aimed at separating WoW fans from their money.  Only sets above the $24.99 price point include the secret loot.  So that means the individual figures and  mount packs don’t have any hidden goodies inside the box. Unofficially, it seems like the more expensive the set, the better the loot is, but I can’t really confirm that after only watching a handful of YouTube “unboxing” videos.

‘What’s in the box???” you ask.  Three different types of secret loot items are available: helms, shoulders and weapons.  The shoulders and weapons aren’t very exciting as they’re mostly just recolored variants of items already included with other figures.  The one nugget of badassness in this bunch is the helm from the classic Paladin Judgement Armor set.  This is definitely the most sought-after piece, and I’m sure it’s rare as I haven’t heard of anyone looting one yet.  Granted, these sets have only been on store shelves for about a week now.

WoW- Mega Bloks loot bagWhat did I get?  Some lame staff.  Or maybe it’s a two-handed mace.  I don’t recognize the model, but it was definitely a disappointment after seeing some of the other nifty loot available.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still super-fun to open up.  It’s just as exciting as looting a defeated boss in WoW!   The opaque black bag it comes wrapped in only helps enhance the mystery.

The figures and the Nightsaber came pre-assembled and were ready to play with straight out of the box.  The X-53 Nether Rocket was a quick, yet satisfying ten-minute build.  The Instructions were extremely easy to follow, with large colorful pages featuring a combination of illustrations and photos.

WoW - Mega Bloks parts

And here is the finished product:
World of Warcraft Mega Bloks


Orc Warlock with Rocket

Orc Warlock with Rocket


Night Elf Warrior with Nightsaber

Night Elf Warrior with Nightsaber

I’m anxious to get my hands on some more of these sets, particularly the Goblin Zeppelin featuring “Lighthoof” The Tauren Paladin wearing some of the Judgment Armor set.  Fun Fact: To get the entire set of Judgement Armor, you have to buy the Zeppelin set($64.99 US) for the chest, legs and bracers, then you have to buy the “Colton” Human Paladin figure ($6.99 US) for the shoulders, and then hope like crazy you actually get the helm to drop from one of your bigger purchases($24.99 – $99.00).  All of that for a fully retro decked out two-inch tall Paladin.

Notably absent so far from series 1 of this line: Females.  Sorry guys, no female Night Elves for you!  Not yet, anyway.  Also missing are any representatives from the Dranei, Dwarves, Undead, and Trolls.  Rest assured, this line will likely go on for years to come with practically endless possibilities for mounts and armor sets.  I personally can’t wait for the Orgrimmar playset shown at Toy Fair this year.  It looks like it even includes a little troll, so we know they’re coming! Stay tuned here at Geek Legacy!

For the Horde!!!

    • Snackbar

      Looks great. Makes me want to get some.

    • Mr. The Plague

      They should make an Orgrimar play set with Gamon dead on the floor.

    • OfficialSanchez

      So I bought my first mega blocks set and guess what I got…the judgement helm! How rare and valuable is this helm anyway?

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