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WonderCon – DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Panel Recap and Footage Description

Posted on April 21, 2014 at 10:44 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


****Minor Spoilers ahead, if you are unaware of the original comic storyline involving numerous X-Deaths do not continue. You have been warned.****

At WonderCon 2014, 20th Century Fox presented select footage from their upcoming sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past. Much of the ‘new’ X-Men footage screened can be found in the ‘opening battle scene’ currently making the rounds on the Internet. The footage screened for WonderCon attendees covered a bit more of this beginning sequence — as the various B-level X-Men (Ice Man, Blink, Warpath & Colossus) attempt to fight off the Sentinels so that Kitty Pryde and Bishop can travel back in time.  One by one each of these X-Men are offed.  The Sentinels seem to have the ability to adapt to whomever their opponent is.  When Ice Man freezes a Sentinel, it’s not long before the Sentinel has reversed the effect.  Becoming super hot, the robot breaks free of its icy confines, (highlight for descriptions of deaths) grabs Ice Man by the neck and twists his head off. Just to add insult to injury, the Sentinel than stomps on Ice Man’s decapitated head turning his noggin into crushed ice.  Things don’t fare much better for anyone else.  Colossus gets his arm torn off and then is beaten to death.  Blink gets pierced through the heart by a shard of robot arm.  Warpath is melted via liquid plasma. Their sacrifices prove worthwhile though as Pryde and Bishop narrowly avoid the Sentinels, disappearing into the ether before the robots can get them too.  It’s a well-done action sequence, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I x-men-days-of-future-past-poster-hugh-jackman-1-387x600am afraid a lot of people will not care for the B-team deaths. Only one of them has even had any screen time prior to this film – and even that was minor.  Thus there’s not nearly as much shock value to killing him (or any of the others) off during the first reel as the film perhaps thinks there is.

After the screening, Simon Kinberg came on stage for a brief Q&A.  Bullet point highlights to which are below.

  • Simon Kinberg on getting the time travel right in Days of Future Past: “It was the trickiest part of the screenplay. Everybody wanted to be as true to science as possible even though time travel’s obviously not real. James Cameron actually gave us some advice and some evidence for how to do time travel. We set up rules early on in the beginning of the film and we stick with them for the entirety of the [running time].”
  • Kinberg on the pressures of adapting such a beloved comic storyline: “[The pressure’s] totally daunting. I was a huge fan [of the Days of Future Past] story growing up. This and Dark Phoenix were probably my favorite stories – and we didn’t do so well with Dark Phoenix. This film is our attempt to make up for the past.”
  • Kinberg on the need for the past and future to have a distinct look in the film: “When you’re intercutting between the past and the future, it was important that visually they look distinct… The future is much darker while the past has much more lush colors.”
  • Kinberg on Peter Dinklage’s performance as the villainous Bolivar Trask: “I’ve been a fan of Peter for a long time… I didn’t write Oliver Trask with him in mind – but when we were talking about who could stand up against James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender – there was no other option… He adds a real pathos to the character.”
  • Kinberg on how the X-Men interact with ‘real’ historical figures: “We wanted to make the president more of a character. There are scenes between Richard Nixon and the mutants. There’s a pretty important scene between Nixon and Bolivar Trask. Some of the Watergate tapes that went missing may have something to do with the mutants.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23rd.


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    • LegendInMyMind

      Potential Spoiler: They aren’t actually killed off. Kitty sends Bishop back in time a few days, or hours, maybe, in order to warn the team of this attack so that they are able to avoid it. And all of those characters dodge death. This is how they’ve adapted to survive. Everyone sacrifices themselves for the purpose of avoiding death, odd as that sounds. Wolverine is the only one capable of surviving being sent that far back in time, as it takes a toll on the ‘traveler’, or ‘observer’. Sending him back to the 70s is their last ditch effort to fix the future. It’s not a case of everyone dying within 10 minutes and then Wolverine taking a time trip backwards and the rest of the film taking place in the past, there’s actually co-current, dynamic action sequences which happen in the separate time periods simultaneously on film throughout.

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