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Wolverine Getting New Title, New Look, New… Guns?!

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 11:06 am by Tyler Waterman

Folks who know me well will tell you the easiest way to get me to like something is to give the main character two pistols. I love dual-wielding pistols more than John Woo, and it’s incredibly rare that I find a character I don’t think would be cooler with two guns on his hips.

That being said, congratulations Marvel! You managed to find one of those rare times.

As part of the All-New Marvel NOW, Wolverine is getting a new book, called Wolverine, which has to mark either the 12th or 13th time this book has been relaunched at this point. The book will continue to be written by Paul Cornell, but brings the epic pencils of Ryan Stegman on board, most recently seen in Superior Spider-Man. While this creative team is definitely great news, where they’re taking the book has me admittedly shaking my head.

The storyline will pick up following Cornell’s current “Killable” storyline, in which Wolverine has lost his healing factor and everyone who would want to kill him knows it. While Cornell obviously isn’t going to give away how that story ends, what he’s given us about this new title does help lead to some conclusions, and that’s where the headshaking comes in.

“The first arc is called ‘Payback,’ and that’s where we find him: working for a crime boss called The Offer, alongside a ‘family’ of low-rent super villains. Following the end of ‘Killable,’ he’s decided to simplify his life and drop his responsibilities,” explains Cornell. That already has me concerned; a lot has been done lately of making Wolverine less, well, Wolverine and more of an actual character. As Headmaster of a school, an Avenger, and leader of a dozen X-teams, the consistent thread has been Logan coming to terms with the fact that, while he may be over a century old, he’s finally growing up. It sounds like that’s about to change.

But the concern from that is far outweighed by the downright “wait, really?” feeling I get from the other revelations. While nothing is being said over whether Wolverine will remain without a healing factor, there are signs it isn’t coming back, or will in diminished capacity. Those signs?

Wolverine is getting armor and guns, folks. No, Wolverine isn’t being printed by Image Comics circa 1994. Instead, our current Wolverine is just getting the standard 90’s treatment of adding skin-tight armor and guns to characters that absolutely don’t need them, and while I have a huge space in my heart for 90’s comics, it doesn’t mean I want to see them in action now.

Now, I try very hard not to judge books by their covers, and we haven’t yet seen the end of “Killable” or the work on this new book, so I’m still going to give Cornell the benefit of the doubt and try it out when it debuts in February 2014. But I’m not going to lie to you… Wolverine with armor and guns just sounds so incredibly lame. In fact, I can’t imaging the idea not being pitched in a boardroom where someone says “let’s give Wolverine guns and armor!” and then everyone starts jamming out on air guitars and high-fiving until they explode.

Feel the same way as me? Or are you optimistic about this new look and feel for Wolverine? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to take a look at the new suit (and weaponry) below.




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