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Wolverine – Comic vs Movie

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 1:57 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Marvel have spent decades delighting comic book fans with stories of the most amazing superheroes imaginable, and in the past few years, have seen these characters leap from the page of a comic book to the silver screen. The X-Men films, so successful they are now officially a franchise, are one such adaptation. The films have taken on an identity of their own, and the plots and characters have evolved so much that hard-core fans of the comics feel that the films are not faithful enough to the original storylines. Gala Casino have complied a list on the comparisons between the comics and the Marvel films, and took an interest in determining which version was best:


The character of Wolverine is played in the movie franchise by Hugh Jackman – he had adamantium grafted onto his skeleton by a team called Weapon X, which, alongside his healing powers, makes him a lethal weapon. Adamantium claws protrude from his knuckles when he has to fight, earning him the name Wolverine.

Wizard-Wolverine-XmenReal name: James Howlett, but often referred to as Logan


Bloodscream – highly unstable, wants to be killed by Wolverine

Silver Samurai – the brother of the woman Wolverine loved

Donald Pierce – the super with the most ordinary name, who once nearly killed Wolverine

Daken – Wolverine’s son

Deadpool – belongs to Weapon X, the organisation that made Wolverine

Lady Deathstrike – out to avenge her father, who Wolverine may or may not have killed

Magneto – appears in the films, played brilliantly by Sir Ian McKellen

Omega Red – has defeated Wolverine in battle

Cyber – capable of breaking adamantium, and is known as the only thing that Wolverine is frightened of

In the films In the comics
In the movie versions, much is made of the character of Wolverine – he is a leader and a great fighter. Wolverine is not a leader but a lone fighter who does not play well with others. The unioptical figure of Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men.
His healing powers are greatly exaggerated, with major wounds only taking a few seconds to recover from. He still heals incredibly fast, but it takes hours rather than seconds.
Wolverine and Sabertooth are half-brothers. Sabertooth has nothing to do with Wolverine, and was not involved in his transformation.

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most prominent characters, and has featured in seven films – however, the comic version of the character is much more complex, and darker, than the Wolverine in the movies. While in the film, Logan is x-men-days-of-future-past-hugh-jackman2-600x399portrayed as a complex and troubled, yet ultimately honourable defender of the peace. In the comics, although he is definitely not evil, there are dark things in his past, including a son, who also wants to kill him.

With such a complicated and lengthy history, it’s easy to see why the character of Wolverine had to be edited somewhat in order to appear on screen. However, some loyal fans consider that too much has been taken away from the character of Logan, although the films have been running so long now that there will be thousands of fans who will not have experience the Wolverine from the comic books.

Personally, I prefer the dark, brooding Wolverine of the comics – the guy who you don’t know if you can rely on, who has more dark secrets than he has scars, who doesn’t want to be part of a crowd, who has probably does bad things, and is now paying for them. Cyclops is a natural and brilliant leader, who doesn’t need to be overshadowed. That being said, Hugh Jackman has certainly made the character his own, and anyone who can maintain core muscles like that is deserving of respect.

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