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Why the Age of Ultron Underlines the Need for a New Incredible Hulk Film

Posted on May 19, 2015 at 10:04 am by Geek Legacy


The new Avengers film (The Age of Ultron) hit UK cinemas this week, drawing thousands of viewers nationwide. While there were multiple talking points created by the latest cinematic adventure, one of the most prominent was the way in which the Incredible Hulk stole the show and dominated the entire narrative.

This is not the first time that Hulk’s imposing and iconic presence and dominated an Avengers movie, and it is unlikely to be the last. The latest instance simply underlines the need for a standalone Hulk film, which would represent the first instalment of this type for more than seven years.

Will we see a Standalone Hulk Film in the Near Future?


For some, the fact that we have gone so long without a standalone Hulk film will come as a surprise. One of the major issues preventing this is that Universal still holds the distribution rights to Hulk, and Marvel have yet to negotiate any additional permission. A precedent has been set recently by negotiations concerning DC’s iconic character Superman, and there are hopes that a similar deal may be reached over the Hulk. The drive to create a new film is hardly helped by the fact that the first two received a lukewarm reception by critics and fans alike.

The emergence of Hulk as the star of the last two Avenger movies suggests that the time is right for a new film, however, and there are several key reasons for this. The first is that the franchise appears to have found the ideal actor to play Bruce Banner, with Mark Ruffalo capturing the essence of Hulk and his brooding, often unspoken anger. It is also fair to suggest that the writing team struck a chord with their romantic liaison in the latest Avengers film, as Banner’s character forged a connection with the Black Widow. This is a union that makes sense and one that could take Hulk forward as an individual franchise.

The Bottom Line


It is important that the Hulk film franchise fulfils its potential as a standalone entity, as it has a huge following and is likely to win even more fans in the wake of the latest Avenger movie. With the Incredible Hulk Slot generating huge revenue and the comic book strip as popular as ever, the portents seem to be suggesting that the time is right for a new and exciting Hulk adventure.

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