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Why Gaming Tablets Never Became a Trend?

Posted on February 9, 2016 at 11:49 am by Geek Legacy


Tablet computers seemed the next big thing back when Steve Jobs launched the iPad. Although these new gadgets were considered just bigger screen phones (without the phone part, of course), they slowly became popular. Ultimately they led to the premature death of the netbooks, these Atom-powered ultra-portable laptops. But tablet sales were never as high as expected. While they are still present on the market, their sales tail behind those of large-screen smartphones.

For a long time tablets had nothing but their larger screens over the average smartphone. Their battery life was often lagging behind smartphones, and they offered no better performance. They were always a perfect tool to play Candy Crush or free video poker, they never became such a big hit as smartphones. Maybe it’s because they are not pocket sized, like smartphones. But the fact remains: tablet sales continue to fall quarter after quarter.

Manufacturers have released quite a few tablet computers aimed especially at gamers, they were never as successful as they were expected. The Nvidia Shield was a great piece of hardware, powered by its own Tegra K1 chipset with a 192 core Kepler GPU, capable of playing 4K Ultra HD video – basically a miniature gaming powerhouse. But this was apparently still not enough to propel the tablet into its rightful place in the gaming device market.

In the meantime tablet sales continue to fall. There are several reasons why this happens: tablets are mostly used inside, so they are not as exposed to breaking as smartphones. Plus, there is not such a huge pressure on buyers to always upgrade to the latest model. The upgrade cycle for an Apple iPad is longer than that of an iPhone, close to that of a PC. And the tablet has never become a dedicated gaming device, so there is no incentive for people to upgrade them.

The other factor that has contributed to the downfall of the tablet computer is the phablet – basically any phone with a screen of at least 5 inches. Most modern phablets outperform tablets when it comes to performance, and they also have the perfect size to fit in one’s pocket. Although, in case of a 5″+ smartphone, said pocket needs to be really big.

And when it comes to games, phablets also provide high performance and quality graphics. The latest Apple and Android flagships all have specs comparable to consoles, and their graphics capabilities are awesome. The humble tablet computers will stay around for a while, doubling as inexpensive ebook readers or email / social media devices for home use, but will apparently never be good enough to become a gaming device.

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