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Whispering Willows for Ouya, PC, and Mac

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 5:20 pm by Justin Cavender

Night Light Interactive has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Whispering Willows, a 2-D horror puzzle game for Ouya, PC, and Mac. Players take on the role of Elena, a young girl with supernatural powers in search of her lost father. As Elena explores the creepy mansion, she is confronted by spirits trapped in our world. Each ghost has its own unique story to tell, and Elena can help them by putting their spirits to rest. In doing so, she will uncover the mystery, lies, and horrors of the Willows Mansion.

Elena’s supernatural abilities play a key role in solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles throughout her journey. The use of her astral projection ability will allow Elena access through locked doors and every nook and cranny in the whole place. Did I mention she can also fly, manipulate time, freeze objects, and harness the power of light? Yeah, so you got that going for you. How hard can it be to find her father? Night Light Interactive gives you the tools to be a successful little detective. Don’t screw this up, her father is depending on you.

To learn more about Whispering Willows, please visit their Kickerstarter page and see what this unique game has to offer. You can also watch their video pitch and browse the image gallery below.




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