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Which Actor To Play Young Han Solo?

Posted on February 6, 2013 at 11:02 pm by Christopher Ulaski







With the recent announcement that Disney will produce a “Star Wars” spinoff based on the adventures of a young Han Solo, many are already speculating as to who will play the part. Though we’ve been told that this will be an origin story, the exact age of Han in the film is not yet known. Assuming we might have a brief look at his childhood, the bulk of the movie is most likely to be mid 20’s to early 30’s Han. With that in mind, I’ve assembled my top 5 picks to play the younger and more arrogant (if that’s even possible) version of Han Solo.


Political Animals - Season 2012







I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super stoked to see what Stan does as the title villain in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier. “ He’s got a rough look to him and has what it takes to be a likeable action star.








Though it seems that Worthington’s world will be consumed with all things “Avatar” in the coming years and is unlikely to have the time, he would be great for the part. He got the charm and can certainly deliver on the action. This would make him a contender, don’t you think?








This summer we’ll get to see him take to the sky as Superman in “Man of Steel” and from what we’ve seen so far, this film looks simply amazing. It’ll be interesting to see how Cavill approaches both sides of the character. He’s got a great look and can handle the action. I think this makes him a strong contender for the part.








Having already proved himself as a likeable lead in films like “Star Trek” and “Unstoppable,” Pine has proved that he can deliver on both the action and the comedy. He can certainly play cocky and be pretty humorous while he’s at it. Sounds like a good recipe for Han Solo to me.








With the lead role in this summer’s “The Lone Ranger,” Armie Hammer is poised to show the world that he’s Hollywood’s next leading man. From the trailers, we can see that he can certainly handle the action and we’ve seen him display great wit in “The Social Network.” He’s got a great look to him and I feel that he can be a believable action hero. With Disney already behind him for this summer’s blockbuster, I wouldn’t have any doubt in my mind that he’s already on their shortlist for Han.


Well there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts below.

Oh, and Han shot first.

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    • Armie Hammer seems like a great choice, never would have thought of that one.

      • Yeah, he's a big guy though. Might be too beefy for the part. What about the guy from Tron Legacy, Garret Hedlund? He's a cool dude. Haha I've changed this comment like 3x now. Glad I don't get to make this casting choice.

    • The internet would explode if Chris Pine were up for the part, but I think he could pull it off. Armie Hammer would be a nice choice.

    • Wayne

      Sam Worthington is my favorite pick. Another fun article. Looking forward to seeing more of these!

    • Diva from Manila

      Chris Pine is my pick just because his name is Chris. Looking forward to more great "Oscar" writings from The Classic Ulaski.

    • Larry D.

      no, no no…
      The only bad boy is Henry Cavill.
      We need attitude like Bradly Cooper or Jeremy Renner.

      it is all about the 'tude.

    • Mustan

      Hell no to Chris Pine is too recognizable as Captain Kirk, and the same is true for Henry Cavill as Superman, even more so after this summer is over. I'm really surprised you didn't go with the obvious choice… Robert Pattinson

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