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What’s New in the New 52: The Joker

Posted on July 5, 2013 at 6:29 am by Tyler Waterman

He may have plunged to his apparent death at the end of Death of the Family, but everyone knows that you just can’t keep the Joker down. DC’s Villains Month is right around the corner, and obviously that DC can’t celebrate villainy without the Clown Prince of Crime, but many were wondering how Joker would be involved since he’s currently MIA.

Well, wonder no more, as the latest WNITN52 has revealed exactly how he’ll be involved. The Joker one-shot that will replace Batman that month will feature a look back at the Joker’s past, hinting at a possible origin and also detailing the origin of another classic Batman villain who’s ties to the Joker promise to surprise us all.

The one-shot is written by Andy Kubert, and features pencils from Andy Clarke, who’s Joker design you can check out below!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

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