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What’s New in the New 52: Jackanapes!

Posted on August 22, 2013 at 6:08 am by Tyler Waterman

I challenge you to find a more fun character name to say than Jackanapes. Good luck, you’ll never find it! One of DC’s best monkey characters (which is saying a lot since there are a million of them) returns in an unexpected way… as Joker’s prodigy?!

Villains Month wouldn’t be right without the Joker, but with him currently being dead, or at least as dead as Joker ever gets, Batman #23.1: Joker has to dive into the past. But rather than tell a story about Joker fighting Batman, or something even more common, like a Joker/Harley romp, we’re getting something entirely unexpected. An childhood memory inspires the Joker to take Jackanapes under his wing, and to train him in all his villainous ways, surely with ridiculous results!

Take a look at this preview below, for what has to be the greatest montage I’ve seen in a while. Don’t you just hate when you go shopping only to get burned alive by an evil clown and his giant monkey protege?! I know I do!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog


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