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What’s New in the New 52 – Eclipso

Posted on August 17, 2013 at 6:17 am by Tyler Waterman

Eclipso has always been one of my favorite DC villains of all time. He looks badass, he’s unquestionably evil, and he’s powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with every hero in the DCU. All these facts have left me asking one question over and over: why haven’t we seen much of Eclipso in the New 52? Sure, he’s been in Sword of Sorcery, Team 7, Demon Knights and Catwoman, but let’s be honest here; three of those books are cancelled, and one of them probably should have been a long time ago. What’s a comic fan gotta do to get Eclipso in a book that folks are actually reading?

Fellow Eclipso fans rejoice; it looks like our hopes have been answered! Eclipso is one of the multitude of villains getting a solo book in the upcoming Villains Month, a good sign that he’s about to become a major factor in the DCU. He’s also getting a new host as well, a brilliant and beaten-down man with the skills Eclipso wants, and without the will to stop him.

Check out the design below, and get ready for the return of Eclipso in Justice League Dark #23.2 – Eclipso, on shelves September 18th.

Source: DC Comics Official Blog





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