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What’s New in the New 52: ARGUS Armor

Posted on August 3, 2013 at 7:45 am by Tyler Waterman

Forever Evil has been billed as our chance to find out what happens to the DCU when the supervillains are out in force and the superheroes no longer exist. Evil is running rampant, but good people still exist, so how do they fight the villains once handled by the likes of Batman and Superman?

With fancy armor, of course! Steve Trevor and his ARGUS crew find themselves in need of this new, experimental armor, the only thing that will give them the abilities they need to fight the supervillains who’re running amok. Of course, these suits are designed from Apokolips tech, and haven’t exactly been completely tested yet, but I’m sure that won’t cause any problems… right guys? Right?!

We’ll find out, when Forever Evil: ARGUS hits this Fall!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

ARGUSarmor1 ARGUSarmor2

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