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Week End Horror: Universal Plushies!

Posted on May 25, 2013 at 10:00 am by Jess Hicks

As a girl I am inclined to LOVE all things soft and squishy. As a girl who is a horror fan it was love at first sight with Funko’s Universal Monster Plushies. These guys are beyond the normal realms of cute, with their giant heads and exaggerated features how could you not want to cuddle all of these?

Funk Universal Plushies

I just bought my very own Creature From the Black Lagoon on Amazon for 6 bucks! As for the others? You can purchase Frankie and Mummy for fairly cheap but apparently Wolfie is a bit more hard to find. Unfortunately he goes for 45 bucks on Amazon and other sites.

To my surprise there are several other lines of plushie Universal Monsters available. I wasn’t aware of how much of a demand for cuddly monsters there was. I would really like to see more like this from Funko in the future, maybe a Dracula or a Bride to go with Frankie.

What are some of your favorite plushie collectables? Where do you go to buy them? Leave us a comment below!

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