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Week End Horror: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2011)

Posted on February 1, 2013 at 3:30 am by Jess Hicks


Today’s Week End Horror takes a comedic turn as we investigate Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. Horror comedies, at least good ones, are hard to come by. Usually they end up being spoofs of major franchise (i.e. Scary Movie & Haunted House) and become really lame really fast.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a breath of fresh air in both the horror and comedy genres. It starts off as any other cliche “stupid teens go on a camping trip” story but we soon find out that this is going in a much different direction. We meet our lovable  but seemingly vicious, hillbillies Tucker (Alan Tyduk) and Dale (Tyler Labine). We find out they are going on a trip to the woods to fix up an old rundown cabin that also seems to be in the same vicinity as our other group of characters. When one of the young coeds is injured and rescued by Tucker and Dale her friends automatically assume the worst and plan a revenge mission.

936full-tucker-and-dale-vs.-evil-screenshotI really loved the story because it took a look at both sides and made you think, what if Jason Voorheese was really just out in the woods minding his own business (okay maybe he isn’t a good example…) We are thrown into a hilarious and gruesome story, what more could a horror fan want? I can only compare this to a violent episode of Three’s Company where every problem is “just a misunderstanding”.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil really sets the bar for original writing just as Shaun of the Dead did. These movies are the reason I, and probably many other horror fans, sit through so much crap. We know that at some point someone will produce a quality piece of work.

What I Learned:

  1. Not all hillbillies want to murder you and take your skin.
  2. You should not dive into a shallow lake and presume you won’t strike your head on anything.
  3. Scrabble is fun.
  4. You should always do a thorough background check on your parents if they happen to have been murdered.
  5. You should not run at someone who is standing directly in front of a tree grinder.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is available for streaming @ Netflix Instant Watch and Amazon Prime


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