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Watch the Pitch Trailer for JURASSIC WORLD

Posted on September 11, 2013 at 11:45 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Earlier we learned that the official name of Jurassic Park 4 was going to be Jurassic World, and that the release date was going to be June 12, 2015. The “world” part of the title has had the internet in a tizzy trying to figure out if that has a secret meaning. Today the Jurassic Park train continues with a “pitch trailer” that was supposedly shown to Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy has been released, and it might just give us the slightest idea of what Jurassic World entails.  Producer Frank Marshall has already confirmed that the trailer has nothing to do with the film, but it certainly hints towards a central premise or idea that would inform the Jurassic World title.  Maybe Trevorrow will be expanding on the idea briefly shown in The Lost World, Dinosaurs unleashed on the general populous.

Here’s the trailer (via STYD), followed by an explanation from the person who posted it.

All I can say is this video was shown as part of Iain McCaig’s presentation at the recent Star Wars convention in Germany (he’s the fantastic concept artist and designer of Darth Maul). I can only presume it was part of a pitch for reigniting the JP movie franchise, if anyone can confirm please let me know. It was apparently shown to Kathleen Kennedy and Steven Spielberg. Mr McCaig actually said “it certainly got Steven interested in dinosaurs again…” I just think is so cool.”

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