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Walking Dead Leading Up To “All Out War”

Posted on July 3, 2013 at 1:29 pm by Joe Blakeslee

Rick Grimes is not one to be trifled with. In the pages of The Walking Dead he has proven time and again that if you push him, he will push back much harder. So when you beat in the skull of one of his closest friends in front of his pregnant wife… well Rick Grimes goes to war!

On Tuesday at this years Image Expo in San Fransisco, Robert Kirkman announced that the next three word phrased chapter of his critically acclaimed zombie epic will be “All Out War.” This battle has been building up for a long time starting back at issue #100’s shockingly brutal ending, and it looks like its not going to be as quick and easy as the survivors had anticipated.

“All Out War” will span 12 issues starting at #115, which will be out on October 19th. But you wont have to wait a whole year to see how it ends. Kirkman announced that for this story arc The Walking Dead will be going bi-weekly, so now you wont have to wait nearly as long as you normally did to find out which one of your favorite characters will die a horrible death!

Source and Image: MTV Geek


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