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Video Comparison for Wii U Load Times

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 8:09 pm by Justin Cavender

Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting

Wii U loading

Those of us with a Wii U are well aware of the time it takes to return to the menu screen. Sometimes it feels like an eternity. In most cases you’re better off hitting the home button and going to the bathroom or getting a snack. Just don’t eat your snack in the bathroom, because that’s a little edgy.

This video shows shows a side-by-side comparison on how the loading time will change when returning to the Wii U Menu after the system update. So just sit tight and wait for the update scheduled in April.

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    • Snackbar

      I hope that new speed is accurate. The load times are pretty bad, especially when you have a 6 year old keeps asking, "what's taking so long?" or "I want to play Skylanders!".

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