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Valkryia Revolution Review: Wake Me When the Cutscene is Over

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 10:59 am by Travis Demyan

Valkryia Revolutions

This is a true story, or so you are told, way too many times. Valkryia Revolutions is a spin-off to the popular series Valkyria Chronicles, taking on similar themes, but different in every way else. This starts by the way the game is laid out. The story is told by a Professor and her pupil in a graveyard. This graveyard is said to belong to a group referred to as the “Circle of Five”. You are constantly reminded of this because after completing every single story driven mission, you see these two. You follow the story of the Circle of Five and how they influence a war between Jutland and the Ruzi Empire. You star as Amleth, leader of the Vanargand an Anti-Valkyria unit in the Jutland Army and are driven by revenge to bring down the Ruzi Empire.

The action in Valkyria Revolutions is mixture of Dynasty Warriors and a very basic RPG. This is accomplished by combining in the morale system from the Warriors games, and the introduction of dour classes: Shocktrooper, Scout, Sapper, and Shieldbearer. Players utilize some of the same weaponry you are familiar with from previous Valkyria titles, such as, Guns, Grenades, and Ragnite. One other way of customizing your characters is through their unique mana weapons. This adds customization to every character in the Vanargand giving you quite a few options for party makeups.

Valkyria Revolution 2

This game features a great soundtrack from producer Yasunori Mitsuda who composed Chrono Trigger. The influence of music in Valkyria Revolutions plays into the story and is a constant throughout. Valkyria Revolutions was developed by Media. Vision, who are known for the Wild Arms series, and published by Sega. It was originally released on January 19th 2017 in Japan, seeing its state-side release on June 27th 2017.

Outside this, the game is not much different than your normal hack and slash type game. With the RPG element, this game turns into a grindfest that never seems to end. Throughout playing this title, there were many hike up points that felt like they were created to force you to stop and level up. The level design throughout as well becomes repetitive as every level is a level you have completed before, except slightly longer. What made things worse, was the extremely long cutscenes between each main story level. I timed a cutscene to be upwards of 35 minutes. This would lead to some extreme downtime in between each mission. I didn’t even complete the game in the end because of the lengthy missions that would seem to lag as more was happening while on the screen.

Valkryia Revolutions 1

Valkyria Revolutions is Available for Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One. It is currently available for $39.99 with the Vita version being available digitally.


  • Valkyria Series
  • Great Music
  • Expansive Story


  • Lengthy Gameplay
  • Repetitive
  • Level Design

Legacy Score: 5/10

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