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UNDER THE RADAR: “The Saint: The Man Who Wouldn’t Die”

Posted on August 30, 2014 at 6:00 am by Heather Antos

Scott Larson, penciller on THE SAINT: THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE

Scott Larson, penciller on THE SAINT: THE MAN WHO WOULDN’T DIE

Scott Larson’s pencils and pages have been seen in books like Femforce and 1000 Ways to Die, but this past week we took a moment to speak about his latest book, published by Moonstone Books – THE SAINT: THE MAN WHO WOULDN’T DIE.








HEATHER ANTOS: So, how are you?

SCOTT LARSON: I’m doing great, thanks! I’m working on a couple of new projects, and preparing for my first wedding anniversary. Overall it’s been a pretty exciting time.
HA: Care to tell us a bit about yourself?
SL: Sure. I was born in Chicago. Most of the members of my family, from my father to my older siblings, are artists in one form or another. I grew up among illustrators (drawing and painting), sculptors, model builders, poetry writers and film makers. As a kid I grew up watching and loving reruns of the old Batman TV show and  discovered the comics from there. Starting with Batman, my interest grew to other characters. Over the years, I’ve accumulated the entire run of Amazing Spider-man and he is my favorite. Between the family artistic inclination and my exposure to comics, drawing them seemed a natural choice for me. I’ve been penciling comics since 1999. The bulk of my work has been done for AC Comics’ Femforce title, and  I also have had to opportunity to work on high profile characters like King Kong for Markosia and 1000 Ways To Die for Zenescope Entertainment. I’ve also gotten the opportunity to work with one of my favorite writers, Len Strazewski, who wrote DC Comics wonderful Justice Society Of America series back in the early 90’s.
HA: Your latest book – THE SAINT: THE MAN WHO WOULDN’T DIE – has just been released by Moonstone Books. Can you tell us a bit about it?
MWWDsmSL: Well, if you’ve seen THE SAINT tv show with Roger Moore, the movie with Val Kilmer, or heard the radio show with Vincent Price, you know that Simon Templar (The Saint) is a British Robin Hood type adventurer / detective who rights wrongs. In this particular tale (based not only on a story written in the 1930’s, but also a TV episode that aired in 1965), Templar goes after a man named Miles Hallin who claims to be able to cheat death while others around him die.  The story is a classic black & white noir tale.
HA: What has it been like working with THE SAINT’s scriptwriter, Mel Odom?
SL: Mel Odom adapted The Man Would Wouldn’t Die ( originally titled “The Man Who Couldn’t Die”) for the comic. I thought Mel’s script was great!  In this particular case I didn’t actually have too much interaction with him. He’s a pretty busy science fiction/ fantasy writer who has worked on novels of not only his own creations but also characters like Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Leslie Charteris is the man who created THE SAINT and wrote the original story that this comic is based on. He passed on in 1993. 
HA: And you did the pencils for this book? Can you tell us a bit about what that was like for THE SAINT? How did you approach this piece?
SL: I approached this story a little differently then most. I usually do very tight pencils putting in all the SAINT 17backs and line weights. It’s a very laborious process that wasn’t going to serve this comic as well. In this case I went a little looser focusing more on the storytelling and linework.  Our inker, Barbara Kaalberg, really enhanced the artwork with her use of blacks and grays. Her work really makes the artwork sing!
HA:  Where can people get their hands on a copy?
SL: Everywhere great comics are sold. If someplace doesn’t carry it, it can be found on the Moonstone website (
HA: Any last thoughts?
SL: Just that I’m super excited to have THE SAINT come out and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work on this project. Thanks so much for taking the time to inquire about it.
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    • Mark Holmes

      I’ve had the good fortune of working with Scott several times at AC Comics FemForce. One of my earliest stories “Jungle Girl in Jersey” was really a jumbled mess when it hit Scott Larson’s desk. Scott was able to turn it into a fun read. Our latest, “No Substitute for Victory” is really something special. Once again Scott’s work elevated the story.

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