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Tyler’s Comic Corner – August 29th Edition

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 1:34 am by Tyler Waterman

Welcome to Tyler’s Comic Corner, where I highlight the majority of this week’s new comic releases. My highlights include mainstream and indie titles, ensuring your pull list won’t be deprived of one of this week’s gems. My apologies if your favorite isn’t listed, but good news; you clearly already knew it was coming!

Marvel Releases

Avenging Spider-Man #11
AvX VS #5 (of 6)
Captain Marvel #3
FF #21
Gambit #2
Hulk #57
Journey Into Mystery #642
New Mutants #48
Powers #11
Ultimate X-Men #15
Uncanny X-Force #30
Web of Spider-Man #129.2
Winter Soldier #9
Wolverine and the X-Men #15
X-Treme X-Men #2

Perfect Pulls: Journey Into Mystery is one of the best books out there that no one is talking about; Kid Loki is easily one of the most quietly significant characters in Marvel today, and this book is a joy to read. AvX VS brings us two fascinating battles: Angel vs. Hawkeye will be great for the dialog alone, and recently-divorced Storm vs. Black Panther promises to be as personal as it gets. Fans of Powers also get a return of the comic to go along with the upcoming television series on FX.

DC Releases

American Vampire #30
Aquaman #12
Batman Beyond Unlimited #7
Before Watchmen: Minutemen #3 (of 6)
Detective Comics Annual #1
Flash Annual #1
Green Lantern Annual #1
Justice League #12
Justice League International #1
Superman Annual #1

Perfect Pulls: Many of the major titles in the New 52 see their first annual this week, with a few particular standouts. The Green Lantern annual promises to have major implications for the upcoming Rise of the Third Army event, and the JLI annual is actually the final issue in the series. As revealed last week, Justice League #12 will see romance bloom between Superman and Wonder Woman, a relationship that DC has promised will be incredibly significant to the development of both characters going forward.

Image Releases

Debris #2 (of 4)
Grim Leaper #4 (of 4)
Morning Glories #21
Mudman #5
Prophet #28
Skullkickers #17
Witchblade #159

Perfect Pulls: There may not be many comics that feature a medieval setting, but Skullkickers is by far the best, and is much deeper than the name would lead readers to believe. Speaking of deep comics, the riddle-within-an-enigma that is Morning Glories sees a new release, and the gory romantic comedy that is Grim Leaper comes to a close.

Indie Releases

Crossed Badlands #12 (Avatar)
Ferals #8 (Avatar)
Higher Earth #4 (BOOM!)
Steed and Mrs. Peel #0 (BOOM!)
Valen Outcast #8 (BOOM!)
Angel and Faith #13 (Dark Horse)
Axe Cop: President of the World #2 (of 3) (Dark Horse)
BRPD Hell on Earth: Return of the Master #1 (Dark Horse)
Mass Effect Homeworlds #4 (of 4) (Dark Horse)
Bionic Woman #3 (Dynamite)
Green Hornet #27 (Dynamite)
Lord of the Jungle #7 (Dynamite)
Witchblade: Demon Reborn #2 (of 4) (Dynamite)
Deadworld: War of the Dead #4 (of 5) (IDW)
Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms #3 (IDW)
Ghostbusters #12 (IDW)
Godzilla #4 (IDW)
Locke and Key Grindhouse One-Shot (IDW)
Smoke and Mirrors #5 (of 5) (IDW)
Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow #16 (IDW)
Star Trek/Doctor Who Assimilation 2 #4 (of 8) (IDW)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #7: April (IDW)
Trio 4# (IDW)
X-O Manowar #4

Perfect Pulls: A huge release week for fans of IDW, with a majority of their licensed books represented on shelves. A new TMNT Micro, the final issue of Smoke and Mirrors, and a new Locke and Key one-shot in particular, stand out as must-have books. The Summer of Valiant continues with a new issue of their best-known title, the final issue of BOOM’s Valen Outcast hits shelves, and BRPD highlights the beginning of a very significant storyline, with the 100th issue just two months away. Also, though I often find Avatar books to be all gore and little substance, Ferals truly shines in both areas, with gore aplenty along with a compelling story that justifies the brutality of the book, and is an easy recommendation to anyone with a strong stomach.

Those are the highlights for Wednesday, August 29th. Anything you simply can’t live without, or simply can’t imagine reading? Share it in the comments!

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