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Tyler’s Comic Corner – 9/19 Edition

Posted on September 19, 2012 at 11:23 am by Tyler Waterman

Marvel Releases

Avengers #30
Avengers Academy #37
Daredevil #18
Dark Avengers #181
Mighty Thor #20
New Mutants #49
Spider-Men #5 (of 5)
Thanos: The First Threat (one-shot)
Ultimate Spider-Man #15
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15
Venom #25
X-Factor #244

Perfect Pulls: Quiet week from Marvel, especially after the explosive events of last week. It is a good week for fans of Miles Morales, with a new issue of his monthly as well as the conclusion of the wish-it-was-longer Spider-Men, a series I felt perfectly highlighted the similarities and differences of the two Spideys. Also, you may want to stock up on a few copies of Thanos: The First Threat. It’ll be much easier to just hand that to all of your friends who have no idea why they should be excited about “that guy with the chin at the end of the Avengers movie.”

DC Releases

Batman Beyond Unlimited #8
Batwoman #0
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #3 (of 4)
Birds of Prey #0
Blue Beetle #0
Captain Atom #0
Catwoman #0
DC Universe Presents #0
Fables #121
Green Lantern New Guardians #0
Hellblazer #295
Justice League #0
Legion of Superheroes #0
Nightwing #0
Red Hood and the Outlaws #0
Supergirl #0
Sword of Sorcery #0
Wonder Woman #0
Young Justice #20

Perfect Pulls: The ladies of DC shine this week, with the bulk of the zero issues representing DC’s better half. Notable entries include Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, and in particular Batwoman, one of the strongest Bat-titles going and worth a grab for the epic cover alone. Justice League also gets the #0 treatment this week, as well as new issues from some of DC’s more popular non-superhero books, like Fables and Hellblazer. Also of note, Captain Atom #0 is the final issue of the series, a fact that depresses me and probably no one else on Earth.

Image Releases 

Artifacts #21
Lil’ Depressed Boy #13
Peter Panzerfaust #6
Revival #3
Walking Dead #102

Perfect Pulls: Great day for fans of Image and zombies and the combination thereof! Needless to say a new Walking Dead will always get fans shuffling towards the shop, but fans of that title should also be looking at Revival. Described best as “farm noir,” Revival tells the tale of a small town in Wisconsin where all the dead have come back to life, and follows how this one town deals with the repercussions. A fresh and different take on a genre that’s rapidly getting stale, this book is definitely a must-buy for any zombie lovers.

Indie Releases

Extermination #4 (BOOM!)
Snarked #12 (BOOM!)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #2 (of 5) (Dark Horse)
Dark Horse Presents #16 (Dark Horse)
Fatima the Blood Spinners #4 (of 4) (Dark Horse) 
Ghost #0 (Dark Horse)
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5 (of 5) (Dark Horse)
Jennifer Blood #17 (Dynamite)
Merciless: The Rise of Ming #4 (Dynamite)
Red Sonja Atlantis Rises #2 (Dynamite)
Shadow #5 (Dynamite)
Vampirella: The Red Room #3 (Dynamite)
30 Days of Night #10 (IDW)
Battle Beasts #3 (of 4) (IDW)
Cobra #17 (IDW)
Danger Girl G.I. Joe #3 (of 4) (IDW)
Dorothy of Oz #4 (of 4)
Ghostbusters #13 (IDW)
Godzilla #5 (IDW)
Godzilla: Half Century War #2 (of 5) (IDW)
Star Trek #13 (IDW)
Star Trek The Next Generation Hive #1 (IDW)
True Blood #5 (IDW)

Perfect Pulls: A number of great Dark Horse miniseries come to a close today, but what’s most exciting is what’s beginning; Ghost is back! One of Dark Horses most popular and recognized characters makes her return in an ongoing monthly that promises a new story that old and new fans will love, and so far the reception confirms just that. IDW also has a strong showing this week, with many of it’s best franchises represented, as well as a new Star Trek TNG series beginning (truly the greatest of the Treks). A new issue of Battle Beasts hits shelves as well, a reboot of one of my favorite toy lines as a child that so far has been pretty disappointing; hopefully these last two issues rekindle my initial excitement.

Those are the highlights for Wednesday, September 19th. Anything you simply can’t live without, or simply can’t imagine reading? Share it in the comments!

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