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Tyler’s Comic Corner – 7/8/15 Edition

Posted on July 8, 2015 at 5:00 am by Tyler Waterman

Welcome to Tyler’s Comic Corner, where I highlight the majority of this week’s new comic releases. My highlights include mainstream and indie titles, ensuring your pull list won’t be deprived of one of this week’s gems. My apologies if your favorite isn’t listed, but good news; you clearly already knew it was coming!


cw1covMarvel Releases

1872 #1
Age Of Apocalypse #1
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #2
Civil War #1
Ghost Racers #2
Inferno #3
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #9
Master Of Kung Fu #3 (Of 4)
Max Ride First Flight #4 (Of 5)
Mrs Deadpool And The Howling Commandos #2
Runaways #2
Secret Wars 2099 #3 (Of 5)
Spider-Island #1
Spider-Verse #3
Squadron Sinister #2
Star Wars Lando #1 (Of 5)

Perfect Pulls: There is so much going on today from Marvel that I am all kinds of excited about. To start, I can barely contain my excitement as three new Secret Wars tie-ins kick off that are set in some of my all-time favorite tales. A chance to re-visit old friends from Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, and Spider-Island? Yes, please! Throw in new issues of some of my other favorites, like Ghost Racers and Squadron Sinister, and then top it off with the premier of the Lando miniseries, and I am all about Marvel today!


bm42covDC Releases

All-Star Section 8 #2 (Of 6)
Arrow Season 2.5 #10
Batman #42
Batman Superman #22
Catwoman #42
Coffin Hill #20
Constantine The Hellblazer #2
Earth 2 Society #2
Fables The Wolf Among Us #7
Gotham Academy #8
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #5
Justice League Of America #2
Justice League United #11
Mad Max Fury Road Mad Max #1 (Of 2)
New Suicide Squad #10
Red Hood Arsenal #2
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #59
Starfire #2

Perfect Pulls: This week from DC is highlighted by the latest issue of Batman, and I couldn’t be more excited about it, and not just because I’m the world’s biggest Batfan. I haven’t been in love with a bold risk like the current “BatGordon” storyline since Superior Spider-Man, and I’m absolutely thrilled I get to see more of it in action today. Throw in new issues of Batman Superman, Gotham Academy, and the promising Justice League of America and there’s lots of DC goodness to be had.


bs1covImage Releases

Big Man Plans #4 (Of 4)
Black Science #16
Bloodstrike #1
Covenant #2
Descender #5
Image Expo Preview Book 2015
Injection #3
Pisces #3
Saga #30
Savior #4
Shutter #13
Starve #2
Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #1
Walking Dead #144
Witchblade #183

Perfect Pulls: My first reaction to seeing today’s Image list was exactly this: “holy $#!*, Bloodstrike is back?!” My second reaction? Buying the hell out of the new Bloodstrike! Say what you want about Rob Liefeld, but Bloodstrike was one of the coolest of the “extreme” 90s teams, and as a huge fan of all things 90s Image, I’m thrilled to see it come back! Also this week, be sure to check out new issues of Saga, Walking Dead, Black Science, and the insanely good Descender.


stgl1covIndie Releases

Archie Comics:
Archie #1
Betty And Veronica Friends Comics Double Digest #244
Fox #4
Sonic The Hedgehog #274

Avatar Press:
God Is Dead #38
Providence #2 (Of 12)

BOOM! Studios:
Bill And Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #5 (Of 6)
Bravest Warriors #34
Clarence #2
George Perez’s Sirens #4 (Of 6)
Lantern City #3 (Of 12)
Strange Fruit #1

Dark Horse Comics:
Abe Sapien #24
Eerie Comics #7
Harrow County #3
Negative Space #1 (Of 4)
Rebels #4
Tomorrows #1 (Of 6)

Dynamite Entertainment:
Swords Of Sorrow #3 (Of 6)
Vampirella Army Of Darkness #1 (Of 4)

IDW Publishing:
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #2 (Of 5)
Drones #4 (Of 5)
Godzilla Rulers Of Earth #25
Long Distance #2 (Of 4)
Maxx Maxximized #21
Popeye Classics #36
Star Trek Green Lantern #1 (Of 6)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics Volume 3 #7

Legendary Comics:
Harvester #6

Oni Press:
Invader Zim #1

Valiant Entertainment:
Bloodshot Reborn #4
Unity #20

Perfect Pulls: I’ve seen a lot of people online reacting to IDW’s Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover by asking how that’s supposed to work. That’s the wrong question to be asking; the right question is “how did it take this long for this to happen?!” I’m not even a big Star Trek guy, but I’m all about checking out this title. However, the internet is rejoicing at the return of Invader Zim in the pages of his new Oni Press book, and is sure to have an absolute conniption over the long-awaited Archie reboot, so I guess everyone’s happy in their own way!

Those are the highlights for Wednesday, July 8th. Anything you simply can’t live without, or simply can’t imagine reading? Share it in the comments!

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