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Tyler’s Comic Corner – 12/11/13 Edition

Posted on December 11, 2013 at 12:01 am by Tyler Waterman

Welcome to Tyler’s Comic Corner, where I highlight the majority of this week’s new comic releases. My highlights include mainstream and indie titles, ensuring your pull list won’t be deprived of one of this week’s gems. My apologies if your favorite isn’t listed, but good news; you clearly already knew it was coming!

SFSM6Marvel Releases

A+X #15
Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
Amazing Spider-Man #700.3
Avengers A.I. #7.INH
Cable And X-Force #17
Captain America #14
Captain America Living Legend #4 (Of 4)
Cataclysm The Ultimates #2 (Of 3)
Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-Man #2 (Of 3)
Emerald City Of Oz #5 (Of 5)
Inhumanity The Awakening #1 (Of 2)
Marvel Knights Hulk #1 (Of 4)
Mighty Avengers #4.INH
Nova #11
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #6
Thunderbolts #19
Uncanny X-Men #15.INH
Wolverine #12
Wolverine And The X-Men #39
Wolverine MAX #14

Perfect Pulls: Inhumanity breaks out in a big way this week, with a whole bunch of comics carrying its banner. We see the start of Inhumanity Awakening, which looks to fill a similar role to Infinity The Hunt, which was pretty terrible, so my hopes aren’t high for this one. We also see the beginning of the event tie-ins, the bread and butter of comic events. Whether it be Mighty Avengers, Avengers A.I., or even Uncanny X-MenInhumanity is everywhere you look today. If you’re trying to avoid the event, here’s another chance to get on board the better-Hawkeye-than-Hawkeye-itself (yeah I said it) Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and the Marvel Knights return continues with Marvel Knights Hulk joining the party.


BM26DC Releases

Astro City #7
Batgirl #26
Batman #26
Batman Black And White #4 (Of 6)
Batman Li’l Gotham #9
Coffin Hill #3
Constantine #9
FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #6
Forever Evil Arkham War #3 (Of 6)
Green Lantern Corps #26
Justice League #25
Justice League 3000 #1
Justice League Of America #10
Katana #10
Legends Of The Dark Knight 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
Nightwing #26
Smallville Season 11 Alien #1 (Of 4)
Suicide Squad #26
Superboy #269
Superman Wonder Woman #3
Worlds’ Finest #18

Perfect Pulls: Batman, Batman and more Batman this week, which is always great news. First and foremost is of course Batman #26, which continues the Zero Year epic and finds us still trapped in a blacked-out Gotham that’s tearing itself apart. We also have another great collection of stories in Batman Black and White, members of the Bat-family galore in Nightwing, Batgirl, and print versions of the online-only Legends of the Dark Knight and Li’l Gotham. Don’t worry if you’re not into Batman, though… the Forever Evil saga continues in Arkham War, Justice League and Justice League of America. And finally, if you’re looking for something new, try Justice League 3000, which promises an all-new take on the League of the future. 


dbr1Image Releases

Alex + Ada #2 (Of 15)
Chew #38
Darkness #116
Dead Body Road #1 (Of 6)
Drumhellar #2
Godland Finale
Invincible #107
Krampus #1
Lazarus #5
Manifest Destiny #2
Protectors Inc #2
Satellite Sam #5
Three #3
Walking Dead #118

Perfect Pulls: There are two awesome sounding new titles out from Image this week, both of which I can’t wait to read. First up is the latest Justin Jordan joint, Dead Body Road, which promises a gritty revenge tale (which is always the best kind). After that comes Krampus, which puts a new spin on the holidays. It turns out there is a society of Santas, composed of every culture’s version of the holiday hero, that spreads toys every year. But this year, the source of their power is missing, and they have to uncage the Krampus to track it down. The solicit refers to this book as “Snake Plissken by way of the Grinch;” you’d best believe I’m not missing this book!


docsavage1Indie Releases

Archie Comics:
Jugheads Double Digest #198
Life With Archie #33
Mega Man #32

BOOM! Studios:
3 Guns #5 (Of 6)
Adventure Time Candy Capers #6 (Of 6)
Day Men #2
Deathmatch #12
Protocol Orphans #2 (Of 4)
Regular Show Skips #2 (Of 6)
Sons Of Anarchy #4

Dark Horse Comics:
Abe Sapien #8
Brain Boy #0
Clown Fatale #2 (Of 4)
Conan And The People Of The Black Circle #3 (Of 4)
Eerie Comics #4
Halo Escalation #1
Shaolin Cowboy #3 (Of 4)
Star Wars #12
X #8

Dynamite Entertainment:
Army Of Darkness Vs Hack Slash #4 (Of 6)
Battlestar Galactica Starbuck #2 (Of 4)
Doc Savage #1
Grimm The Warlock #1 (Of 5)
Kings Watch #3 (Of 5)
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #5
Miss Fury #5
Owl #3 (Of 4)
Pathfinder #12
Shadow Year One #5 (Of 10)
Sherlock Holmes Moriarty Lives #1 (Of 5)
Uncanny #5
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #33

IDW Publishing:
Danger Girl The Chase #4 (Of 4)
G.I. JOE #11
G.I. JOE Special Missions #10
Haunted Horror #8
Indestructible #1 (Of 4)
Magic The Gathering Theros #2 (Of 4)
Maxx Maxximized #2
Memory Collectors #2 (Of 3)
Other Dead #4 (Of 6)
Powerpuff Girls #4
Rocketeer The Spirit Pulp Friction #4 (Of 4)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics Volume 2 #2
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters #8 (Of 8)
Wraith Welcome To Christmasland #2 (Of 5)
X-Files Season 10 #7

Valiant Entertainment:
Archer And Armstrong #16
Harbinger #19
Unity #2

Perfect Pulls: Lots of great stuff from the indies this week. Dynamite taps the classics this week, bringing back old legends of different eras. On one hand, we have the beginning of a new Sherlock Holmes comic series, Moriarty Lives, bringing history’s greatest detective this side of Batman to the comic world again. Dynamite also brings scifi legend Doc Savage back again in a titular series based on the Man of Bronze, returning one of science’s greatest champions to comics too. If you’re looking to head to the future rather than the past, Dark Horse begins another of its fantastic Halo miniseries, with Escalation telling the tale of Spartans being forced to defend the Arbiter from a rogue Covenant group. Whether you’re going to the past or future, there’s something for you this week!

Those are the highlights for Wednesday, December 11th. Anything you simply can’t live without, or simply can’t imagine reading? Share it in the comments!

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