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Tyler’s Comic Corner – 12/04/13 Edition

Posted on December 4, 2013 at 12:01 am by Tyler Waterman

Welcome to Tyler’s Comic Corner, where I highlight the majority of this week’s new comic releases. My highlights include mainstream and indie titles, ensuring your pull list won’t be deprived of one of this week’s gems. My apologies if your favorite isn’t listed, but good news; you clearly already knew it was coming!

ASM700.1coverMarvel Releases

Amazing Spider-Man #700.1
Amazing X-Men #2
Avengers Annual 2013 #1
Cataclysm The Ultimates’ Last Stand #2 (Of 5)
Daredevil Dark Nights #7 (Of 8)
Deadpool #20
Fantomex MAX #3 (Of 4)
Fearless Defenders #12 (Final Issue)
Guardians Of The Galaxy #9
Indestructible Hulk Annual #1
Inhumanity #1
Iron Man #19
Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #3 (Of 4)
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #3 (Of 5)
Marvel Knights X-Men #2 (Of 5)
Painkiller Jane The Price Of Freedom #2 (Of 4)
Secret Avengers #12
Superior Spider-Man #23
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #7
X-Men Legacy #21
Young Avengers #13

Perfect Pulls: Ok, Spider-Man fans, get read y to be… really confused. The same week that Superior Spider-Man #23 comes out, continuing the epic saga of Doc Ock as Spider-Man, we also get Amazing Spider-Man 700.1. Seemingly unrelated to all current Spider-titles, this features a storyline involving a threatened Aunt May, a New York City crippled by a blizzard, and a Spider-Man that is very much Peter Parker in mind and body. However, the book features acclaimed author and Rambo inventor David Morrell’s first endeavor into comics, of whom I’m a huge fan, so I still can’t help but recommend it. Also, were you anticipating not having to worry about crossover events this week from Marvel, as Infinity ended last week? Surprise! Inhumanity #1 is here, hot on the heels of the epic that spawned a bazillion new Inhumans, and becomes the book where the Marvel U begins to figure out exactly how to deal with that. I suspect “fear and hatred” is going to be prevalent… right, mutants?


BMSMcover6DC Releases

Action Comics #26
Batman Superman #6
Batwing #26
DC Universe Vs The Masters Of The Universe #3 (Of 6)
Detective Comics #26
Earth 2 #18
Fairest #21
Green Arrow #26
Green Lantern #26
Hinterkind #3
Movement #7
Stormwatch #26
Swamp Thing #26
Trillium #5 (Of 8)
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #14

Perfect Pulls: This week from DC is an astoundingly quiet one… there isn’t even a single title related to the Forever Evil event that I’m pretty sure will never actually end. That being said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few great books this week. Batman/Superman #6 bring Mongul to the New 52 for what is essentially the first time, and considering the significance of that villain in the DCU of old, this is something to keep an eye on. Green Lantern #26 continues Hal’s attempts at leading a splintered Corps, and his attempts to not be killed at the hands of a Star Sapphire. Earth 2 #18, one of the most intense and underappreciated titles coming from DC right now, brings us a step closer to finding out who the new Batman is, and what he intends to do about the evil Superman destroying Earth. And finally, if you aren’t reading DC vs. Masters of the Universe, you’re missing out on a book that’s WAY more intense than the title implies!


carbongreyvol31coverImage Releases

Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #2 (Of 3)
Carbon Grey Volume 3 #1 (Of 2)
Elephantmen #52
Great Pacific #12
Invincible Universe #8
Prophet #41
Reality Check #4 (Of 4)
Spawn #238
Think Tank #11
Velvet #2

Perfect Pulls: Not much that’s new from Image this week, but plenty that’s great. Of course, Image stalwarts Spawn and Prophet continue on, putting a smile on the faces of everyone who bought comics in the 90’s (like me). Burn the Orphanage sees a new issue today in the series that has one of the best titles I’ve ever seen in a comic, as well as Velvet, a new spy drama that I found fell somewhat flat but is getting rave reviews all over the place. Finally, the Carbon Grey saga continues, though Volume 3 represents what the solicit refers to as “the final devastating chapter.” Sounds promising!


SEP130880Indie Releases

Archie Comics:
Archie #650
Archie Double Digest #246
Fox #2
Sonic The Hedgehog #255

Avatar Press:
Absolution Happy Kitty Special #1
God Is Dead #4 (Of 6)
Rover Red Charlie #1 (Of 6)

BOOM! Studios:
Garfield #20
Herobear And The Kid The Inheritance #5 (Of 5)
Regular Show #7
Robocop Last Stand #5 (Of 8)
Six-Gun Gorilla #6 (Of 6)
Suicide Risk #8

Dark Horse Comics:
Catalyst Comix #6 (Of 9)
Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight #3 (Of 8)
Hellboy In Hell #5
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #7
Occultist #3 (Of 5)
Star Wars #4 (Of 8)
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle #1 (Of 12)

Dynamite Entertainment:
Ash And The Army Of Darkness #2
Battlestar Galactica #6
Black Bat #7
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #26
Legends Of Red Sonja #2 (Of 5)
Lone Ranger #20
Lords Of Mars #5 (Of 6)
Mocking Dead #4 (Of 4)
Noir #2 (Of 5)
Shadow Now #3 (Of 6)

IDW Publishing:
Deadworld Restoration #1 (Of 4)
Dinosaurs Attack #5 (of 5)
Doctor Who #16 (
G.I. JOE A Real American Hero #197
Judge Dredd #14
Judge Dredd Classics #6
Star Trek Khan #3 (Of 5)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villain Micro-Series #8
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #24
Triple Helix #3 (Of 4)

Valiant Entertainment:
Quantum And Woody #6
Shadowman #13

Perfect Pulls: This week the indies bring us what sounds like the saddest and most depressing comic I have ever heard. Meet Rover Red Charlie, from master scribe Garth Ennis, that tells the tale of what happens to Man’s Best Friend when a worldwide epidemic eliminates all the humans and leaves the dogs behind. Considering I have to change the channel when ASPCA commercials come on, this is a book I hope succeeds, but that I will never lay eyes on. Speaking of post-apocalyptic worlds, Terminator is back! Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle FINALLY brings us the story we’ve always wanted… the end of the Machine War! This book pairs J. Michael Straczynski and Pete Woods (so you know it isn’t a throwaway licensed book), and promises an ending no one expects. But, I have to admit, once again the best indie book on my list this week comes from Archie. After the outstanding first issue, The Fox #2 looks to bring the same level of awesome superhero action in a colorful and zany style that I usually don’t like… but this book is just too damn good to avoid!

Those are the highlights for Wednesday, December 4th. Anything you simply can’t live without, or simply can’t imagine reading? Share it in the comments!

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