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Tyler’s Comic Corner – 10/9/13 Edition

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 6:43 am by Tyler Waterman

Welcome to Tyler’s Comic Corner, where I highlight the majority of this week’s new comic releases. My highlights include mainstream and indie titles, ensuring your pull list won’t be deprived of one of this week’s gems. My apologies if your favorite isn’t listed, but good news; you clearly already knew it was coming!

detailMarvel Releases

Astonishing X-Men #68 (Final Issue)
Avengers A.I. #4
Avengers Arena #16
Captain America #12
Deadpool #18
Dexter #4 (Of 5)
Fearless Defenders #10
Infinity #4 (Of 6)
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4
Thor God Of Thunder #14
Ultimate Comics X-Men #32
Uncanny X-Force #12
Wolverine #10
X-Men #6

Perfect Pulls: The latest chapter of the Infinity is here, and brings along with it what is easily the coolest cover in the series. Will this be the issue that unleashes the Terrigen Mists upon the Earth? Or will it just be more tiny victories against the onslaught of the Builders? We find out today! Battle of the Atom also rolls on in X-Men #6, with the future X-Men teaming up with the present X-Men to stop the other future X-Men from messing with the past X-Men! You got all that, right? And of course, don’t miss some of Marvel NOW’s best and brightest, including Captain America, Thor God of Thunder and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up today as well.


batman24coverartDC Releases

Astro City #5
Batgirl #24
Batman #24
Batman Arkham Unhinged #19
Batman Li’l Gotham #7
Coffin Hill #1
Constantine #7
FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #4
Forever Evil Arkham War #1 (Of 6)
Green Lantern Corps #24
Katana #8
Nightwing #24
Smallville Season 11 #18
Stormwatch #24
Suicide Squad #24
Superboy #24
Superman Wonder Woman #1
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #12
Worlds’ Finest #16

Perfect Pulls: It’s finally here! The moment Bat-fans have been waiting for is upon us, as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo bring us the most important chapter of Zero Year yet. In a massive, double-sized issue, we finally get a look at the New 52’s first everything; first Batsuit, first Batmobile, and first appearance of Bruce as Batman! If that’s not enough for you, Forever Evil gets it’s first tie-in with Forever Evil: Arkham War, bringing the villains of Arkham and Blackgate Prison against each other in a war with no Batman to stop it! This week isn’t just about Batman, though. Lantern fans haven’t been forgotten, as Lights Out gets its second chapter in Green Lantern Corps #24, which promises to be as explosive as the first.


Walking-Dead-115-NYCCImage Releases

America’s Got Powers #7 (Of 7)
Bushido #2 (Of 5)
Chew #37
Ghosted #4
Hoax Hunters #11
Manhattan Projects #15
Miniature Jesus #5 (Of 5)
Multiple Warheads Down Fall (One Shot)
Peter Panzerfaust #15
Rocket Girl #1
Sidekick #3
Think Tank #10
Three #1
Walking Dead #115

Perfect Pulls: War has come to The Walking Dead! Celebrate ten years of the comic (yes, ten years!) with the next huge event, All Out War. The Kingdom clashes with Negan’s army, with Rick’s crew in the middle of it all, begging the question: who will survive? Wait, no, this is Walking Dead… we should be asking whether anyone will survive at all! But don’t let the zombie horde keep you from seeing two cool new books from Image this week as well. Three is Kieron Gillen’s next masterpiece, telling the story of three slaves attempt to survive against the wrath of 300 Spartans, in what promises to show the other side of some of history’s greatest warriors. Rocket Girl couldn’t be more different, instead telling the tale of a teenage cop from the future coming back to 1986 to investigate crimes against the future, where she discovers her “future” shouldn’t even exist! Moral of the story? Image fans have a lot to be excited about today!


jul130795Indie Releases

Archie Comics:
Afterlife With Archie #1
Kevin Keller #11

Avatar Press:
Crossed Badlands #38
George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #3

BOOM! Studios:
3 Guns #3 (Of 6)
Adventure Time Candy Capers #4 (Of 6)
Deathmatch #10
Herobear And The Kid The Inheritance #3 (Of 5)
Sons Of Anarchy #2 (Of 6)

Dark Horse Comics:
Abe Sapien #6
Creepy Comics #14
Elfquest Special The Final Quest (One Shot)
Halo Initiation #3 (Of 3)
Resident Alien The Suicide Blonde #2 (Of 3)
Shaolin Cowboy #1
Star Wars #10
X #6

Dynamite Entertainment:
Cryptozoic Man #1 (Of 4)
Damsels #10
Lords Of Mars #3 (Of 6)
Owl #4 (Of 4)
Pathfinder #9
Red Sonja #4
Warlord Of Mars #28

IDW Publishing:
G.I. JOE Special Missions #8
Ghostbusters #8
Judge Dredd #11
Magic The Gathering Theros #1
Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2 (Of 4)
Memory Collectors #1 (Of 3)
Popeye Classics #15
Transformers Robots In Disguise #21
Triple Helix #1 (Of 4)

Valiant Entertainment:
Archer And Armstrong #14
Eternal Warrior #2

Perfect Pulls: I don’t normally include Archie comics in my list of indie publishers, but lately I’ve been noticing they’ve been putting out really great books that break the mold of what you’d expect from them. This week, they’ve got a book so insane that I had to officially bring them into the Comic Corner: Afterlife with Archie! Yes, that’s right; zombies have come to the Archie universe, and if that doesn’t make you notice Archie for the first time nothing will! But that isn’t all from the indies this week. Dark Horse’s Shaolin Cowboy promises to prove that “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a chainsaw,” which is a promise I can get behind. Also, fans of horror comics will want to grab Dynamite’s Cryptozoic Man, from the guys behind AMC’s Comic Book Men!

Those are the highlights for Wednesday, October 9th. Anything you simply can’t live without, or simply can’t imagine reading? Share it in the comments!

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