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True Blood: “You’re No Good” Review – Boring as F

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 8:38 am by Justin Cavender

True Blood: "You're No Good"

We are three episodes into season six and four story lines have emerged: Eric vs. Burrell, Faeries vs. Warlow, Sam vs. werewolves, and Bill using his new powers to stop the grim future of his vampire friends. I can honestly say I’m interested in Eric’s battle with Governor Burrell and nothing else.

That’s what’s disturbing to me about True Blood. Even though I’m bored out of my mind, I still watch it every week. I guess I’m just hoping for that one amazing episode to just blow me away. Isn’t that a little sad though? I’m waiting for one episode, rather than be excited each and every week for what used to be a clever and sexy show.

True Blood: "You're No Good"

Last week Eric found a way to slip back into his old self, taking charge and improvising as he went along. Tonight, we got to see this version of Eric again; and though it certainly helped keep my attention, the episode was still a snooze fest. Pam wastes no time in second-guessing everything Eric says or does to the point of being downright annoying. Eric has told her on several occasions to just get over it and do what he says. I guess neither one of them remember those repeated conversations. I’m curious to see if Eric ends up turning Burrell’s daughter into a vampire. At this point, he doesn’t seem interested in hurting her, and their back and forth might suggest they are connecting on some level. Willa certainly seems eager to get into Eric’s pantaloons.

Bill is still off in crazy town with Jessica at his side. I like how she wants to understand what Bill is going through, but I’m more interested in watching Bill rip people apart. He has all this strength while jacked up on Lilith’s blood, yet so much time is wasted on him just sitting around talking. Bill does have a quick conversation with Sookie, and his pitch to synthesize her faerie blood didn’t work to well. Instead, we are left with the impression he is going to use Sheriff Andy’s faerie kids.

Bill and Jess

Sookie and Jason, along with their faerie uncle Niall, are still on the hunt for Warlow. If they don’t find this evil vampire in the next episode, I’m likely to explode. All this Warlow talk has been going on for way too long with absolutely zero payoff. What’s the delay? What are the writers waiting for? It’s not suspenseful or exciting, but annoying. At some point, Jason becomes ill, so hopefully an explanation will present itself in the next episode.

Lastly, we have Sam trying to come up with a plan to rescue Emma from Alcide and his wolf pack. Not much of a story here, short of a custody battle between shifters and wolves. That’s a big pass for me. I was totally on board with Alcide protecting Sookie when Eric was indisposed, but now his role has changed to the point where he’s just an alpha dick. I’m not sure how the audience is supposed to care about Alcide when all he does is grunt and bark about his pack never listening to him.

Hopefully things start to pick up and True Blood kicks it into high gear. With only ten episodes this season, it seems silly to waste too much time on pointless characters. Bottom line, we tune in each week to see our favorite characters light up the screen. It’s a tough sell, though, with such weak plots and throwaway episodes.

My Score: C-

True Blood, Season 6 Episode 3, “You’re No Good” aired June 30, 2013 on HBO.

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