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True Blood: “The Sun” Review – Whooping Crane Style

Posted on June 24, 2013 at 9:04 pm by Justin Cavender

True Blood The Sun

Last night’s episode of True Blood, “The Sun,” picked up right where we left off; but thankfully by the time it was over, we moved forward for a change. Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself. First let me point out what drove me crazy nutso before we get into the good stuff.

The Bad

Let’s talk about Sookie, the faerie whose life is always in danger. On her way to work she meets Ben, an attractive half human, half faerie that was attacked and left for dead by a vampire the night before. Sookie decides to bring this dude back to her house and nurse him back to health. Silly right? All the gin joints in all the world and she happens to meet this fella on the side of the road? Let’s not forget how she removed Eric from her life when he is the only one strong enough to protect her. Are we supposed to care about this new guy? Pass. Bring me Mr. Northman, please.

Jason Stackhouse is a bit of a rollercoaster that flies off the track on a regular basis. I’m not entirely certain what the writers are trying to do with his character, and quite honestly, I don’t think they know either. Each season, a metamorphosis seems to take place, and his character and the audience suffers from it. Just last week he told his sister she was dead to him. Jump 30 minutes into last night’s episode and he’s having dinner with Sookie and calling her a faerie princess.

I’m not entirely sold on Sam’s storyline. I can appreciate his need to care for Emma, but I don’t like Alcide acting like a douche and taking her from Sam. Also, this introduction of Nicole, co-founder of the US Vampire Unity Society, is a tough pill to swallow. She wants Sam to “come out” and inspire other shifters to do the same. I get the parody to the civil rights movement, but war is on their doorstep. Clearly, now is not the right time to stir that pot. Maybe after the dust settles I could hear her out.

The Good

Last season, after Bill Compton decided to start juicing with Lilith’s blood, he became a super mega vampire. First, let me say I’m cool with this. Bill has always been fun, but Eric’s strength, attitude, and overall way of doing things seemed to make Bill a weaker character. After the last two episodes, though, Bill has cranked this shit to 11, really making me curious as to where we’re headed this season.

Bill starts to have visions of vampires being murdered. Once the visions stop, he drifts off to la la land where he speaks to Lilith, and they discuss the future of vampires. Poor Jessica has her hands full taking care of Bill whilst he’s in this catatonic state. There’s a really cool scene where Jessica arranges a food escort from Human Edibles (a service that allows vampires to feed on humans), to snap Bill back to reality.  This poor woman gets bled dry, but not before contorting like a puppet and vomiting all her blood into Bill’s mouth. It was both gnarly and gross. I loved it!

True Blood The Sun

Eric brings his A game in this episode, and we are quickly reminded why he is one of our favorite characters in the series. He’s back to his ruthless self by the end of the episode, and it doesn’t take much to get him going either. It all starts after he removes a silver bullet that pulsates UV light from Tara’s body. Knowing Governor Burrell is behind this madness, Eric decides to pay him a little visit.

We soon find out Eric is a master of disguise and nabs an appointment with the Governor as Connor Farley, a representative from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Things really start to heat up when Eric has to defend the Whooping Crane calling it “a dangerous F***ing bird.” Eric makes an attempt to glamour Burrell into stopping the war on vampires. Unfortunately, the Governor is wearing special contact lenses that protect humans from vampire tricks. Burrell calls for guards and has a bit of a “Bond villain” moment, where he reveals his plan to put a stop to vampires in the great state of Louisiana. Eric quickly flies away and escaping from the guards. I thought for sure he would rip a couple of them in half before he left, but what can you do? Eric returns to visit Burrell’s daughter and it’s possible he wants to turn her into a vampire. During Eric’s meeting with the Governor, Burrell mentioned how horrible it was for vampire children to eat their parents. It will be interesting to see what or whom she plans on having for dinner in the next few weeks.

True Blood The Sun

This episode had some fun and freaky moments. I’m curious to see what happens with Bill and his new powers. The visions he experienced earlier in the episode turned out to actually happen. No word yet if the future can be changed. We were left with the image of his friends, along with a few other vampires getting burned by the sun. Yowza!

My Score: B

True Blood: “The Sun” aired June 23, 2013 on HBO.

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