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True Blood: Sexin’ Up Your TV

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 9:09 pm by Jess Hicks

Six long years have passed and HBO’s True Blood is still plugging away. Last Sunday kicked off the premiere of season six in True Blood fashion by picking up exactly where the last season left off. Bill is now a super  vamp and everyone else is sexy and fleeing.

I have been a big fan of the show since the beginning, it pretty much as one of my favorite shows at present. Until the fifth season happened. Season 5 left a politically sour taste in my mouth. The creators seemed to focus more on paralleling the show with real world political issues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for art imitating life but this was just a bit too heavy handed for me.

Which brings me to the beginning of season six! I’ll admit that when I first watched it, I wasn’t wowed. After letting it sink in for a few days I have decided I am back on board the True Blood boat! Though it does seem the political aspect will remain I think we will see an influx of more supernatural action that the show has been lacking.

True Blood

The Good:

  • I really enjoyed checking in on all of the characters. One issue I have with shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead is that there are SO many characters that we often get entire episodes skipping over some. I’m sure True Blood will also do this too but it was nice to focus on everyone.
  • To see Jess’ character flip half way through the episode was something I have been waiting for. Not necessarily from her, but from anyone. The show lacks a considerable amount of character development, everyone has seem to hit a wall. Hopefully this means other characters will have a change in attitude soon.
  • Rutger flippity flippin Hauer! As the main villain! There is no way this can be a bad thing. I liked the nod to The Hitcher when he picked up Jason hitchhiking on the road. Maybe it wasn’t a nod but I’m going to assume it was and to that I say kudos writers, kudos.


But it can’t all be good, can it? Of course not!

The Bad:

  • Jason– Good grief, I do not care about his retreat back into hillbilly glory! All I hear is a whiney little boy when he talks. You don’t see Batman out for revenge because robbers killed his parents, do you? Well, okay, you do…BUT…he’s not a little bitch about it. Jason’s regression isn’t exactly what I had in mind for character development.
  • Tara- I’ve been on the “please kill Tara” bandwagon from day 1. Well…day 2…her flip out at the store she worked at in the first episode was pretty hilarious. Since then I’ve hated that character with a seething passion. Unfortunately, the only thing that has changed is that she has become exponentially harder to kill. I hope Pam freaks out and rips her head off this season.
  • Sookie & Eric- This is more a Sookie problem than an Eric problem. Let’s be honest, there are no problems with Eric Northman. In the first episode of this season Sookie resends Eric’s invite into her house to try and regain a sense of normalcy. To this I am consistently irritated. At this point in her life, Sookie has been so accustomed and effected by supernatural things that there is no way her life could ever be “normal” again. It’s pointless and boring to waste time on that story line.


So that’s it! We are now ready to dive into this season head first. Stay tuned for episodic reviews to come! What do you guys think, hope, dream for this season or of past seasons? Leave us a comment!

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