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True Blood: Life Matters

Posted on August 11, 2013 at 9:34 pm by Jess Hicks

Welcome back fang bangers! We have 1 episode left in this season, there have been ups and there have been downs (oh yes…there have) but ironically I enjoyed this episode even though it was mostly filler. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

True Blood: Life Matters consisted of two stories, Eric on his mission to free all the vamps and Arleen trying to cope at Terry’s funeral. Both were equally telling of how characters had changed and will change in the future. For the most part, the funeral was actually quite touching. Everyone in town was affected by Terry in some way and they each came out to tell there own story. Meanwhile, Eric is high on Warlow’s magical blood and is setting free all the captive vampires who commence killing every human in sight, but we’ll get to that.

True Blood Arleen

During Terry’s funeral we got a chance to hear everyone’s different encounters with him, from Sookie reading his thoughts about Arleen when they first met to Sam’s hesitance towards giving him a job. Essentially this was the main filler for this week because, for some reason, we couldn’t possibly focus on Eric being awesome. However, I do feel like this was a good way to get the folks of Bon Ton all in a corner for something big to happen, especially now that the vampires have found a way to thrive in the sunlight. We got a little insight on some characters as well, for example Alcide and Sam seem to be back to normal. We even get a bit of a hint that Alcide still has the hots for Sookie (I mean, who doesn’t in this town?). I don’t see much coming from that situation but we’ll see.

The release of the vampires is clearly the selling point this week. Eric and Bill both harbor the ability to walk in the sunlight and have set their sights on rescuing their friends. Eric, of course, takes the more direct approach and let’s all of the vampires run loose and slaughter everyone in sight, minus the therapist who he takes alive for Pam to kill. What I enjoyed most about this was Eric’s emotional turn. Though he essentially gets what he has been wanting all season there is still something missing now that his maker and his sister are gone. I only wish we had more insight into their relationship because it is hard to sympathize with him when we had pretty much only just met his sister. Eric has Pam and I think that is where they are heading with his arc but right now he seems lost.

Bill Compton

Bill on the other hand has denounced his godliness and is headed somewhere but we really don’t know where. Will he go back to loving Sookie? Will he and Jess hook up? Who knows? And that there is the main issue I have with this season, there is a lot left to wrap up in 1 episode and the whole story seems to go in too many directions to have a clear answer. Say what you will about “monster of the week” episodes or seasons but I prefer them to too many unclear story lines.

What did you guy think this week? Where did Eric go? Will he and Pam ever get together? Are the folks of Bon Ton setting themselves up for some serious damage? Will Warlow EVER get out of fairy land? Why does Jason keep making dumb decisions??? Leave us a comment below!

True Blood “Life Matters”: C

True Blood “Life Matters” aired on HBO August 11th, 2013.

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    • Ken Stoltz

      This has really been the jump the shark season for True Blood. In just about every way, they’ve crapped the bed from the portrayal of characters that people have liked for years (Does anybody really give a crap about Sookie anymore?), to the nonsensical storylines, and the constant one-uppsmanship that they’ve felt they had to do with the big bad threats.

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