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True Blood: “In the Evening” Review – Bucket O’ Boring

Posted on July 29, 2013 at 3:10 pm by Justin Cavender

Last night’s episode of True Blood nearly put me to sleep on more than one occasion. Luckily for me, there were a few interesting moments every 15 minutes to keep me awake. Rather than blast the show with what bored me, I’ll go ahead and focus on the good stuff. Mostly because I need to remind myself why I still watch the show in the first place.

True Blood: In the Evening

The episode picked up right where we left off last week with Eric and Nora trying to escape the vampire death camp. Nora is really starting to feel the effects of the Hep V virus, and Eric believes Bill Compton’s blood is the only thing that can save her. If you’ve read any of my True Blood reviews in the past then you know Eric is my favorite character. It was touching to see how much he cares for Nora. Unfortunately, I’ve never really felt invested in her character. Eric calls her his sister, but what do we know about her? Obviously they share the same maker, Godric, but it wasn’t until last night when we got to see how the two first met. Perhaps if we got their backstory last season, I might have felt a little more remorse for her when she died.

Once it was clear Bill’s super Lilith blood wasn’t going to fix Nora, Bill went looking for Warlow, thinking his faerie blood would do the trick. While on the hunt for Warlow, Bill finds Sookie in a nest of Bellefleurs, grieving over the loss of Terry. Things got particularly interesting when Bill met with Andy for the first time after Jessica murdered three of Andy’s children. Honestly, what are you supposed to say to a parent who’s lost a child? Bill tries to relate to Andy’s grief and it made for a strong scene.

True Blood: In the Evening

Fast forward a bit to Sarah Newlin taking the helm of big bad this season by convincing a US Senator to keep Gov. Burrell’s death under wraps. Sarah believes she can rid the world of the vampire population once and for all with the Hep V virus shipping in bottles of True Blood. Before the end of the episode she exposes Jason as a fraud, cuts his arm leaving him with an open wound, and dumps in him the vampire population to be fed on. Bitch!

A few low points in last night’s episode have to go to Alcide and Jessica. Both of these characters are all over the place, and I’ve never been more annoyed with either of these two. Alcide has lost his way, and by the looks of things, he’s even lost his pack. His T1000 father (Robert Patrick), tried to warn him about pack life not suiting him, but when does a son listen to his father (at least on television)? As it turns out, his father was right (surprise!), and the pack turns on Alcide for being a lying little pup.

True Blood: in the Evening

Jessica is a lost cause this season and can’t seem to keep her head on straight. Jason had infiltrated the vampire death camp in an attempt to save Jessica, only to have her deny him and stay behind. Oh wait, not only does she not leave with Jason, but she asks him to bring her the vampire that didn’t rape her in the last episode to say thanks. I’m not making this up. But wait, there’s more. Not only does she want to give thanks, but also have the sex-o with said vampire. Oy, on that note, I’m done. True Blood has proven once again that no matter how ridiculous a show can be, people (myself included), will continue to tune in every week.


True Blood: “In the Evening” aired July 28 on HBO.

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