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True Blood, “Don’t You Feel Me” Moving Forward

Posted on July 21, 2013 at 9:40 pm by Jess Hicks

Welcome once again gentle readers, it has been no secret that I have felt this season has been failing the last few weeks. This week, however, set out to disprove me in good old fashioned True Blood tradition…with lots of death and sorrow. So sit back and relax while we go over some of the finer moments and things that left me scratching my head in this week’s episode “Don’t You Feel Me?”. As always, there will be spoilers so read with caution!

Last week I asked the question, when are we going to start killing off some people? Well apparently my answer was very, very soon. This week’s episode finally pushed some characters forward in a bloody way. Let’s take a look!

Pam and Eric vs. LATV

We picked up with Pam and Eric squaring off in the LATV camp. Of course we know that nothing was going to come of this but I was pleasantly surprised to see them take out some of the heavy artillery. It has been bothering me all season that none of these vampires will use their super speed and strength to just go about snapping necks! But anyway, Pam and Eric will forever be the most badass team on this whole show and I’m glad they are back to being friends.

Eric vs Pam

Sadly for Eric this comes at a price when his “sister” is injected with some sort of virus, or “Hepatitis V” (which is being filtered into new True Blood) as the doctor described it. Not all is totally lost though, Willa has convinced her father to let her in with the gen pop vamps and is now able to respond to Eric’s beck and call. I’m interested to see if Willa is going to become a regular or if her time will be short lived this season. I can’t say I don’t like her but I don’t want Pam and Eric’s relationship to flounder again either.

Terry and Arleen

While I can’t say I have always been a fan of this story line, I really did like Terry. Arleen got on my nerves but Terry was a good guy who had a lot on his plate. He was the nicest guy to the end and I think he will be missed. What I found especially sad was that he finally found some peace (although why didn’t anyone think to glamor him before?) and then BOOM gone.


Also, this guy is supposed to be some special ops shooter and he shot him in the friggin neck! Way to be a douche and make him bleed out and be in pain. Not only was I sad to see him go, I was actually kind of surprised. I thought they would have found some way to keep him alive, maybe a werepanther or something would kill the shooter in the woods and no one would know? Now I only hope we don’t have to go on a downward spiral with Arleen and her kids/

Billith and….well everyone I guess

So now we have FINALLY gotten to the moment the season has been potentially building up. The ability to allow vampires to walk in the sun! Of course…how we got there was a little silly. Bill has been waiting and waiting on this blood synthesizer thing to work on Warlow’s blood for several episodes. Meanwhile he apparently has been to sidetracked to realize his progeny…or daughter if you will, has been taken by the LATV. Shouldn’t he have felt that in some way? I mean he could feel if Sookie had a cold coming on in earlier seasons? Why did he not sense a disturbance in the vampire force? I ask the same question of Eric when Pam was taken. Stop pretending things haven’t happened writers!!

Bill sun

Whew! Okay so now Bill is super angry, swigs Warlow’s blood and is now impervious to EVERYTHING which led to a pretty awesome mind control scene where Bill causes several guards to turn their guns on themselves. But I think the best part of this whole episode was when Bill bit the mayor and then proceeded to rip his head off in the process. Now we are getting somewhere! Bill has never been my favorite but I have to admit he is pretty badass now.

Warlow and Sookie

Perhaps one of my least favorite aspects of this season was the interaction between Sookie and Warlow. After popping into fairyverse to escape Billith’s summons we are forced to endure another one of Sookie’s many “I don’t want my life to be full of danger but I’m going to do it anyway” speeches. She decides, after tying Warlow up, that she really is a “danger whore” and may as well just live up to it.

sookie danger whore

I only see this going one way and that is the same way her other relationships have gone (Bill, Eric, Alcide….), she will be totally into it and then decide she can’t “do this” anymore. I’m also starting to wonder if she will have to use that fairy ball soon (maybe against Bill?) in which case she would be fairy no more and therefore be vampire forever or human. Either way, I’m sure she will be shedding some tears soon.

Oh and by the way, the last time she went to this fairyverse she came back out months into the future. Is that going to happen again or are the writers going to pretend it never did?

Sam and Alcide

Quite possibly the most uninteresting and annoying story this season is finally looking up. Mainly because they got rid Emma, sent her packing with Grandma Wolf, and are now out of Alcide’s line of fire. I’m still perplexed as to how they got to this point, Sam is too apparently, but I’m hoping Sam won’t really be in this season anymore. I think his character has really hit a wall and the writers have realized he isn’t the reason people watch the show. Which is a shame because I used to like Sam and I think he could have evolved into a really strong and interesting character.


Alcide seems to have started to lose some of his alpha edge but his character is all but lost to me now. I miss cuddly Alcide! Bring him back I say! At least Robert Patrick is there to knock him down a peg every so often!


Alright so let’s recap: Terry died, Emma left, the mayor lost his head, and Eric is back to being himself and out for revenge. I like the flow and energy of this episode and I feel like we are actually moving forward now. Let’s hope the next episodes stay that way!

“Don’t You Feel Me?” Grade: B

True Blood Episode 6, “Don’t You Feel Me?” aired Sunday July 21st 2013 on HBO

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