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True Blood: Can We Just Kill Some People Already?

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 10:01 pm by Jess Hicks

I realize there has been death in this season, the fairy girls (well 3 of them anyway), the kids from that liberation group, and I’m sure other people but I could care less about those people anyway. Which I think sums up this entire season so far: no one cares, move on. Which is really depressing because I used to really love the show and when this season started I had hopes. Sadly they have all but come crashing down in a “true death” kind of way.

Last night’s episode seemed to have a lot to do with loyalty. Loyalty to family, friends, packs, makers, etc. So let’s take a look at all this boring loyalty that goes nowhere…

Alcide to His Motherloving Pack:

I suppose this is what I get for wishing the characters would evolve. Since the beginning of this season and for no reason whatsoever Alcide has become the one thing he hated. The whole reason he become a “lone wolf” was that he didn’t approve of the alpha macho act in his old pack…that and his alcoholic father anyway. There is absolutely no reason he needs to be this unlikable one dimensional character especially because of the timeline of this show. I could see if this season picked up a year or so later and he had some sort of epic falling out with Sam, Sookie and everyone else but it doesn’t.

Alcide pack master

He cares so much about this pack but the writers seem to have forgotten the reason why, or at least they forgot to let the audience in on it. I could somewhat understand his character if they let us in on members of his pack but we don’t even get that. Why should I care about a group of people I know nothing about, I can’t empathize at all. The one’s we do know anything about, his girlfriend and Grandma Wolf, are total bitches. It’s really unfortunate that no time is being spent on developing Alcide in a meaningful way because he was one of my favorite characters.

Jason to Jessica (randomly):

Last season we saw the destruction Jessica and Jason’s relationship with Hoyt which eventually led to the very heated very final end to Jason and Jessica’s relationship. Or so we thought….


The entire reason Jason reverted back to hating vampire’s was because he and Jess ended on such bad terms. But wouldn’t you know the second Jess comes back into his life, and I mean the second, Jason is totally fine with her…hell he even changes his entire view of her. Enough so that when she gets taken to the “vampire camp” he joins the LATV just to get in close to save her. So let me get this straight, Jason banished Jess from his house and threatened her only to turn around a week later and join a very dangerous group to save her life. Sure. That makes total sense.

Sookie to Her Parents:

I am actually enjoying Sookie this season, not that I really hated her she was just kind of annoying. Now that she is in her “I don’t need no man (or supernatural being as it were)” stage of being single she is actually fighting for herself. Last week we ended with her holding Warlow captive in her fairy loins and this is where we pick up. However, because plot, she doesn’t blow his head off. Instead he explains that he loves her and has always loved her, that she was meant to be his bride but instead her parents tried to kill her. Wait…what?

corbit stackhouse

Actually, I wasn’t all surprised by this. Her parents never seemed like real quality people in flashbacks throughout the series, they always thought she was weird and Sookie even caught her mom wishing she wasn’t born. So it’s not really a shocker that they tried to kill her. How does she find this out? By asking Lafayette to channel them of course! You know, the guy who tends to get possessed by everything he talks to without a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you know he gets possessed by Sookie’s psycho daddy who is out to finish the job he started years ago. I can’t imagine anything bad is going to come out of this, either Sookie will channel fairy power or Lafayette will snap out of it. Either way there is no reason for this unwanted and non-suspenseful story.

Pam and Eric:

Really, the only story I’m interested in. Pam was taken by the LATV last episode and now we find that she is being studied for a seemingly intellectual reason. She is questioned a lot about her loyalty and love to her maker as well as her lack of interest in humans. However, I think Pam has the same level of remorse and loyalty to humans and vampires she doesn’t know that anyone else would. Sure there are some people who are more empathetic than others but as it goes I don’t think the humans really care about everyone as much as they think they do.

pam and eric

At the end of the episode Pam and Eric are placed in a room, each with a stake in hand, and forced to fight to the death. Of course we won’t know what happens until next episode but it is pretty clear they won’t kill each other. Especially since Bill’s vision puts both of them in the sun room.

Side Bar’s and Closing Thoughts:

  • Sam never was the most interesting character in the show and I think the writers have realized there isn’t a lot of love for him. His story regarding the liberator chick and Emma is so beyond boring and uninteresting that we actually have probably only seen a half hour of scenes with them since the season started. I have no idea where they are going nor do I care.
  • Is it just me or is Bill’s voice more annoying than usual this season?
  • I like Terri, I do. But this who suicide plan he has is totally ridiculous and I don’t see it ending the way he wants it to. I predict Arlene is going to get it on accident and then Terri is going to flip. That would be interesting.
  • Is it just me or couldn’t this whole vampire camp thing be solved by all the vamps using their super speed to break all the LATV’s necks?

What did you guys think this week? Are you happy there will be a 7th season or has True Blood run its course? Leave a comment below!

True Blood, “F*** the Pain Away”: C-

True Blood, Episode 5 “F*** the Pain Away” aired on Sunday July 14th 2013 on HBO.

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