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True Blood: At Last!…Kind Of…

Posted on July 8, 2013 at 9:00 am by Jess Hicks

So it seems Justin needs a break from everyone’s favorite vampires (okay…maybe not everyone) so here I am, bringing you fine readers my thoughts and feelings on True Blood: “At Last”.

This episode was full of “at last” moments so let’s take a look at them. Beware there be spoilers ahead!

At Last! The Fairy Kids (teens…women…wtf ever!) Are Dead!

Jessica vs. Fairy

What? Is that harsh? I don’t care, these fairy children of Andy Balfour absolutely drove me up the wall. They served no purpose, they didn’t make Andy a better sheriff or person. If anything they made his character even more insufferable. Side note: if any of you like Andy please leave a comment explaining why so I can try to understand. I’m not a big fan of introducing children into TV shows because generally they only cause issues that don’t need to be touched on. The only thing they did was push Jessica’s inner battle further towards the edge which is going to be so much fun to watch.

At Last! Eric Just Might Start Wreaking Havoc Again!

Eric Willa

Don’t get me wrong, Eric Northman can do no wrong in my eyes. That man is just perfect! But he has been a bit subdued since his love for Sookie. The humans were one thing but now they have taken BOTH of his prodgineys. That’s right, I said both. Was anyone really surprised that he turned Willa? I didn’t think so. It’s really the only viable resolution to getting the mayor to call off his vampire hunt. But Eric is very particular about who he chooses, as he says himself, and now both Willa and Pam are taken by the LAVT. It looks like Bill’s premonition in coming true.

At Last! Grandpa Fairy King Is Gone! (maybe)


Alright, so I gushed about my love for Rutger Hauer but that was when I thought he was Warlow. His presence as Great Grandpa Fairy is less than thrilling. First, where the hell has he been for the last 2 years? (I’m speculating on the timeline of the whole show) He is the super mega Fairy KING! Clearly he could have done some damage, helped Sookie hone her power so she would be prepared, and just generally give advice and insight on the Stackhouse life. Second, he is just kind of boring. He doesn’t really do much aside from tag along with Jason making jokes at his expense. Even though Warlow is a bit of a disappointment at least he got rid of one of the many useless characters. And speaking of Warlow…

At Last! Warlow is Revealed!


Though it was semi predictable and pretty lame. Following in classic True Blood fashion, Sookie falls for the wrong guy. Lovable fairy Ben is revealed to be half vampire, aka the vampire who can walk in daylight aka Warlow. It wasn’t hard to figure out that Ben wasn’t what he appeared to be. The second I laid eyes on him I knew he was up to no good and then when the fairy club was annihilated it was set in stone for me that Ben was behind it. Seriously, he didn’t wander around a field for an ENTIRE day not finding the club. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben didn’t actually turn out to be Warlow since it isn’t for sure established that he is. I mean if he is Warlow then who is the Rob Zombie looking guy who burst through the dimension on the bridge? Did he just cut all his hair and shave really quick? Oh well, as far as I’m concerned he is Warlow until proven otherwise and that my friends, kind of sucks. But at least something good happened out of it…

At Last! Sookie Is Doing Something!


Sookie loves the problem men doesn’t she? Bill, Eric, now Ben/Warlow (Benlow? WarBen?) and she has never really been the girl to get herself out of situations. But now Sookie is tired of being the damsel and dammit if she isn’t going to do something about it…finally! We have been listening to her bitch for a good season and a half about how she “can’t remember the last time she wasn’t in danger!” Sookie goes out and buys liquid silver to poison Ben’s food (honestly he can walk in sun, you think silver will hurt him?) but it doesn’t work. After a 5 minute useless speech about how she doesn’t want to be lied to again she and Ben start getting a bit handsy per usual for this show but at the very end Sookie reveals her knowledge and has her magic fairy balls (snicker) pointed at Ben’s head. About damn time woman!


So those, in my opinion, were the only things worth discussing in this episode. I could really care less about Sam’s new love of the supernatural liberator chick whose name I can’t even remember because she is so uninteresting (holy run-on sentence Batman!). The same goes for Alcide’s totally unwarranted trip into Alpha-assdom. Can we just forget these people exist because all they do is take away time that I could be drooling over Eric!

What did you guys think? Did you like the Warlow reveal? Do you think all the vampires are doomed? Does anyone really care about Tara? Does Terry always have to stand like he is posing on a catwalk? Leave a comment!

Episode Grade- C

True Blood Episode 4, “At Last” aired on HBO July 7th, 2013.

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