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Treasure Trapped Documentary

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 2:03 pm by Justin Cavender

Treasure Trapped

The folks over at Cosmic Joke are filming a documentary that chronicles their journey into the LARP (live action role play) community. The idea of Treasure Trapped capturing the magic and adventures of every day people in the world of LARP is an encouraging thought. So many of us have our own ideas and stereotypes of what it means to be a larper. We at Geek Legacy can’t wait to see the finished product and wish the crew at Cosmic Joke a safe journey.

Treasure Trapped has already been accepted into a UK film festival based on their progress so far, but require a tad bit more cash to get the job done right. With a little luck and support from their kickstarter fund, Treasure Trapped could be a commercial success. Check out the video below and visit their kickstarter page for more info. You can also follow them on Twitter @TreasureTrapped.


You can follow Justin on Twitter @Edgyarmo, but his idea of role play is wearing a vintage diving helmet and nothing else.

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