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TRANSFORMERS: COMBINER WARS Trailer Features a New Threat

Posted on July 21, 2016 at 10:26 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


The debut of Machinima and Hasbro’s animated series Transformers: Combiner Wars is just around the corner! After four weeks of fantastic prequel episodes introducing the characters at the heart of the story (such as Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Windblade), the first trailer for the new series has finally arrived. It brings to life the Autobots, Decepticons, and massive Combiners that fans of the IDW comics and Hasbro toys have come to know and love. It also celebrates the Comic-Con arrival of Transformers: Combiner Wars, along with the reveal of the series’ cast and characters.

Set 40 years after the great war between Optimus Prime and Megatron, Transformers: Combiner Wars sees an entirely new (and much larger) threat that faces the home planet of Cybertron. If you thought it was cool seeing solitary Transformers morph into vehicles and fighting robots, just imagine the havoc (and fun) when multiple Transformers combine to form gargantuan machines. We’ll find out how that impacts Cybertronian politics and bot-on-bot warfare when the eight-episode Transformers: Combiner Wars series debuts on go90 starting August 2nd!

Watch the first trailer for Transformers: Combiner Wars, followed by the series’ official synopsis and all four prequel episodes:

Taking place 40 years after the great war on Earth, the eight episode digital series introduces new lore and all-new characters that, combined with the characters fans have known for decades, will bring the Transformers storytelling in a new direction.

The Autobots and Decepticons have disbanded and returned to Cybertron.  With the days of Optimus Prime and Megatron over, Cybertron is now ruled by a triumvirate. However, an ancient technology has enabled a new threat, the power for multiple Transformers to combine into one massive, dangerous form: Combiners. Who will stand-up to this threat to ensure that the fragile peace that was 4 million years in the making remains?

Here are the prequel episodes to get you caught up:

Get a look at the voice talent and creators behind the scenes of Transformers: Combiner Wars below:


  • ANNA AKANA, Victorion. With her 1.8M followers across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Akana is a social media powerhouse. As an actress, she has had roles in Marvel’s Ant Man, Hello, My Name is Doris, and Freeform’s The Fosters.
  • JON BAILEY, Optimus Prime. Otherwise known as the “EpicVoiceGuy,” Bailey is perhaps most recognizable as the current narrator of Honest Trailers.
  • CHARLIE GUZMAN, Menasor. Known best to his 2.6M YouTube subscribers as, “DashieGames,” Guzman has made a career out of gameplay videos. He’s built his impressive fan base by taking games like Grand Theft Auto and Mario Kart, and adding comedic commentary to his gameplay.
  • transformers-combiner-wars-poster-400x600RICKY HAYBERG, Computron. Ricky is an actor, writer, and the host for Machinima’s franchise show, ETC.
  • AMY JOHNSTON, Maxima. Best known for her work with the production company, Bat in the Sun, Johnston has also cameoed in Machinima’s recent Street Fighter: Resurrection series.
  • JASON MARNOCHA, Megatron. Marnocha is an actor and writer known best for his work on Throne of Atlantis, Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin, and Justice League War Abridged.
  •  LANA MCKISSACK, Mistress of Flame. McKissack is perhaps most well known for her YouTube channel, thanks to her comedy sketches. She also has an extensive list of acting credits that includes Four Rooms, The Magic Pearl, and The Passing.
  • BEN PRONSKY, Rodimus Prime. Pronsky is a voice actor with various TV and video game credits. He’s provided the voice to characters in shows like Aldnoah.Zero, and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, and for games such as Dynast Warriors 8 and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.
  • PATRICK SEITZ, Devastator. With over 200 credits to his name, Seitz has provided voices for a variety of well-known films, TV shows, and video games. His work includes Inside Out, Monsters University, and Resident Evil: Damnation.
  • FRANK TODARO, Starscream. Todaro is a voice actor with various video game credits. They include,Shardlight, Technobabylon, and LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2 where he was the voice of the Buzz Lightyear.
  • ABBY TROTT, Windblade. Trott is a voice actress with credits that include the TV series The Seven Deadly Sins and Miss Monochrome, as well as the video game Killer Instinct.


  •  prelude-transformers-combiner-wars-menasor-600x338ERIC CALDERON, Executive Producer. With over 20 years in animation, Calderon has developed more than a dozen animated TV series, including Afro Samurai with Samuel L. Jackson on SpikeTV.
  • GEORGE KRSTIC, Head Writer. Krstic’s 20+ year writing and producing career has spanned comedy and action animation with big franchises like Clone Wars and Speed Racer, as well as stylish originals like MTV’sDowntown and The Five Killers. He is also the creator of the Cartoon Network series Megas XLR and writes for comics and major video game titles.
  • FJ DESANTO, Writer. As a long itme development and production executive, Desanto has played an integral role in the Batman franchise and for films like Constantine and The Spirit. He has also served as a writer for DC Comics, Boom Studios, Archaia Entertainment, and Shopro Books. Desanto currently serves as President and Head of Development for Silver Fox Entertainment.
  • TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION Japanese production company, Tatsunoko, serves as one of the legendary story-telling forces in Japanese anime and hero culture. They’re known for creating worldwide classics such asSpeed Racer and Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets).

prelude-transformers-combiner-wars-megatron-600x338 transformers-combiner-wars-windblade-600x338 transformers-combiner-wars-windblade-image-600x338 transformers-combiner-wars-starscream-600x338 transformers-combiner-wars-mensaor-600x338 transformers-combiner-wars-maxima-600x338 transformers-combiner-wars-image-windblade-600x338

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