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Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-ray with Grimlock Statue

Posted on July 1, 2014 at 11:06 pm by Justin Cavender

Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-ray

Transformers: Age of Extinction opened last week to a whopping $300 million around the world. Critics have bashed the movie pretty hard, including our own David Edmundson, who gave the movie a D-. Check out David’s full review and sound off in the comments to share your thoughts on the film.

Those of us that enjoyed the nearly three hour film might consider heading over to Amazon to pre-order the limited edition Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-ray gift set with Grimlock and Optimus statue. Apparently, this is an Amazon exclusive so if you’re a die-hard Transformers fan, you had better jump on this $80 beast immediately.

Only at Amazon – Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-Ray Combo Pack gift set includes a highly detailed collectible figure of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock. The Optimus and Grimlock figures have been crafted utilizing the very same digital models that brought the characters to life in the film. Every sculptural detail of Optimus and Grimlock has been perfectly captured and enhanced with hand-painting, from Optimus’ flame-detailed chest and forearms to Grimlock’s fiery, glowing eyes. Together, Optimus and Grimlock stand over 7.25 inches tall (display base height included), and Grimlock stretches approx. 9 inches from his toothy maw to tail tip. The Transfomers: Age of Extinction Optimus and Grimlock figure is a must-have for any Transformers fan, and is available only at Amazon.

I have to say this box set is a 100x cooler than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray, which featured a giant statue of Electro’s head modeled after Jamie Foxx–not cool.

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