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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Valiant

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 11:20 am by Tyler Waterman

Valiant Month is officially upon us here at Geek Legacy, where we’re celebrating one of the most original and creative comic publishers on Earth. If you’re already a fan of Valiant, you know why we’re doing this. Heck, if you’re a fan, you’re probably wondering why it’s only a month! But if you’re not, my mission over this month is to get you on board, because these books are too good to miss, and I want all of you to owe me a huge thank you by January.

So why Valiant? Glad you asked. There are so many reasons to love all things Valiant, and because this is the internet, the best way to convey them is in list form, because everyone on the internet loves lists. Without further ado, I present to you…

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Valiant


5. There’s Something for Everyone

The preferences and interests of comic fans run the gamut, from intergalactic war to back-alley street crime; from hyper-powerful gods to normal humans with a cape and a mission. No matter what you like, chances are you can find a comic that will appeal to you. However, if you’re new to comics, or don’t have a lot of comic-reading friends, it can be difficult to track down the best examples of what intrigues you. Even when you do find something, discovering that you can’t understand the character without buying a mountain’s worth of back issues can be overwhelming. At Valiant, you’re guaranteed to find something you like, and you won’t have to neglect your friends and family to get caught up. Love science fiction? X-O Manowar is for you. Do covert black-ops rustle your jimmies? Let me introduce you to Bloodshot. Can’t get enough ninjas in your life? Say hello to Ninjak and Rai. Do you prefer your antics to be of the loony variety? Quantum and Woody are your new best friends. No matter what piques your interest, Valiant has it.

4. You Don’t Want to Take Out a Second Mortgage to be a Comic Fan

Comics are an expensive hobby. Sure, from the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem that way… the average book is about $4, and most only come out once a month, right? Sure, these are accurate facts, but let’s face it: if you dig comics, you’re not buying one or two a week. There’s always going to be another book that catches your eye, and the majority of the most popular characters can have a half dozen books just dedicated to them. (Even more if that character stars with “Bat,” “Spider,” or “X.”) Valiant gets that, and their whole business model is designed to accommodate it. Even if you purchased every single comic Valiant puts out, I guarantee at the end of the month you’d have spent more money at Starbucks or McDonalds, and the comics stay with you forever. (Ok, the McDonalds probably does too, but that’s not a good thing.) Valiant is the ultimate example of “quality over quantity.” Most publishers seem more focused on pumping out as many titles as possible than they are at making sure each one of those is awesome; this has never been, and will never be, a problem for Valiant fans.

3. You’re Sick and Tired of “Major Events”

Love them or hate them, we all have to agree that “major comic events” have gotten a bit out of hand. Events like DC’s Forever Evil or Marvel’s Infinity, regardless of how awesome they are, suffer from the fact that they’re utterly buried in tie-ins, crossovers, team-up books, etc. What’s worse, it seems like more and more of the comics that carry the name of whatever event they supposedly tie into frankly, well, don’t. I can’t tell you how many times in the past few years I’ve paid full price for a comic I’d never buy normally simply because it says it’s a part of the currently-running event, only to find out it hardly connects to it at all, and there is nothing more frustrating than wasting your money. At Valiant, the major events aren’t just outstanding, they’re easily collected, and every book that promises to tie into the event is guaranteed to do so. What’s more, if you’re interested in the event, it’s most likely taking place in books you’re already buying anyways, which makes it feel like the event is actually designed to tell you a story and shake thing up, not just hang you upside-down and shake your lunch money out of your pockets. Even better, major events in the Valiant Universe are exactly that: major events. There isn’t always an event going on, they always have a genuine impact on the entire world, and they’re never retconned out or made insignificant by the next hot thing. If you miss when major events were actually a big deal, than Valiant is very much for you.

2. The Talent

Robert Venditti. Paolo Rivera. Jeff Lemire. Matt Kindt. James Asmus. Ray Fawkes. Clayton Crain. Cary Nord. Rafael Albuquerque. Fred Van Lente. Steve Lieber. Clayton Henry. Howard Chaykin. Peter Milligan. Justin Jordan. This isn’t just a list of some of the biggest and best names in comics; these are just a few of the outstanding talents who are part of the Valiant movement. I’ll put it frankly: I have literally read every single book that Valiant has put out since the relaunch in 2012, and I’ve never come across a single issue where I found the art or story lacking. There isn’t another publisher out there that I could come close to making that claim for. Valiant is committed to quality, and with talent like this, they’ve got it in spades.

1. They’re Just Getting Started

Hopefully at this point I’ve done a good job of explaining what makes Valiant great. The genuinely consistent world, the mind-blowing talent, the variety of offerings, a low cost of entry… all of these things combine to form one of the greatest comic publishers I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a fan of. But don’t think for a moment that Valiant is content to rest on their laurels, ready to throw up the “mission accomplished” banner and start cranking out books ad nauseam. Whether it be with major events, new titles, new creators, or a combination of the three, every year Valiant takes bold steps to reinvent itself. However, even though the status quo gets thrown out the window every year, the books never lose that distinct Valiant feel, and the changes never leave you pining for the “good ol’ days,” or feeling like a fool for getting invested in the previous year’s changes. This year is no different, as “Valiant Next” rolls in this month, bringing with it brand new characters, solo titles for some of their coolest characters (here’s lookin’ at you, Ninjak), and a title called The Valiant that may just be the greatest book they’ve rolled out yet. If there’s one thing I can guarantee you about Valiant, it’s that it will never, ever, ever be stale.

These are just the top five reasons to love Valiant, and believe me when I tell you I could give you even more. However, I’d rather you get out there, start reading these books, and see for yourself what it is about Valiant that sets it apart from every other publisher in the industry. Don’t get me wrong; I love lots of books from lots of publishers, and in no way am I trying to say that the others are bad at what they do. But I’d have to be drinking some serious Kool-Aid to act like there aren’t some issues in this industry that can often leave fans frustrated, or if nothing else, overwhelmed. At Valiant, there’s none of that. There are great books, top-level talent, amazing characters, fantastic settings, and an overall commitment to consistency and quality that simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

Listen up, comic fans: it’s time to be Valiant.


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