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Top 5 Misunderstood Monsters

Posted on August 11, 2013 at 6:06 pm by Jess Hicks

Discovery’s Shark Week has come and gone but there are still many misunderstood monster’s to learn about. Television and movies have brought us so many different kinds of monsters but I think sometimes we are too quick to judge these guys. So here are my top 6 (in no particular order) list of misunderstood monsters from the big and small screens!

King Kong (2005)

King Kong

Kong is probably the most thought of when it comes to misunderstood monsters. He has been redone several times but in Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake we really got an emotional roller coaster. I mean with those Puss in Boots eyes who can you not love him? What grinds my gears about this movie is the last line by Jack Black, “Twas beauty that killed the beast.” It pretty much sums up how ignorant and self absorbed we are when it comes to the unknown.

Sloth (The Goonies)


Ok, he isn’t technically a monster but he is viewed and treated like one. Sloth is the youngest in a family of bandits who are after a missing pirate’s treasure; essentially he is the muscle of the family. But is he really that bad? Just because he looks a certain way doesn’t make him a monster; thankfully Chunk can see past his exterior into the loving guy he is. Sloth falls under the Quasimodo realm of misunderstood “monsters”. The vanity that plagues society is the culprit for our fear of Sloth, but if you just remember “Sloth loves Chunk” you might not fear him as much.

Frankenstein’s Monster (Any)

Frankenstein monster

Ah, one of the original misunderstood monsters. Comprised of dead body parts and created by a mad scientist, it really isn’t a surprise the towns people acted the way they did. Although, the fire may have been a bit much. It’s not the monster’s fault he was created, he didn’t even get a real name, everyone mistakes him for his creator. All the monster wanted was a friend and not to be burnt to a crisp, sadly his dreams don’t come true. Hell, even when he gets a bride she shrieks away from him, poor guy.

Belial (Basket Case)


Alright, this might be the hardest one to sell but hear me out. Belial is the deformed brother of the main character in Basket Case who lives, well, in a basket. Suuuuure he kills a few hookers and other degenerate tenants but look at it this way. He is forced to live in a basket while his brother carries him from town to town. How  would you feel if your own family member hid you away because he was ashamed to look at you? I might develop some destructive tendencies too. My suggestion would to get him a stroller, take him around town, introduce him to some quailty (non-human) food and see where it goes. I mean…he can’t get worse.

Ludo (Labyrinth)


Poor Ludo, trapped in the labyrinth forever with crazy bird creatures, talking doors, and David Bowie’s tight pants. Ludo is forced to scare away all intruders that try and get through the labyrinth, making him the loneliest creature in the labyrinth. However, unlike most of the characters on this list, Ludo has a semi happy ending, he meets Sarah and Hoggle, defeats the Goblin King and gets to party with them in the end. Although, where does he go after that? Does he stay in Sarah’s room? Move in with Hoggle? I’m not sure but with a face like that he has to fit in somewhere. Maybe he can go live with Sloth and Chunk.

Who else do you think deserves to be on this list? Leave us a comment below!

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