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Titanfall Gets Survival, Ranked Play, Game Modes, and More

Posted on October 23, 2014 at 2:16 pm by Felix Mui


Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment announced and showed off Game Update #8 for Titanfall. The update may be the largest thus far and may be one of the final ones left for the game. All three DLC packs have already been released with the final DLC: IMC Rising wrapping up the package nearly a month ago. This update is quite a lot of content, so let’s break it down.


Frontier Defense

Survival/Horde mode finally ends up in Titanfall in the form of this game mode. Four pilots will engage across all multiplayer maps in the game against endless waves of foes both familiar and new. While lackluster grunts and specters may first come to mind as potential enemies, harder and tougher enemies lie in wait. Titans will be one of the new enemies including Nuclear types and Arc Titans that will make themselves very difficult to take down. Stationary turrets can be set up, and as the battlefield situation changes you can change your arsenal with Loadout crates scattered about. If you die you just end up getting airdropped back in, “Pilots who fall in battle will be flown back into the fray in a dropship that circles above the action before touchdown. Experienced Pilots always maximize their impact on the struggle below by firing from the side window of the dropship on approach.” Completing these will net you new Titan insignias.


Ranked Play

Again just as with many other games, Respawn has added in a ranking system that is tiered by color. Bronze is the lowest and are additionally tiered by numbers. Uniquely there will not be a single playlist that will let you compete, instead every pilot receives a “Rank Chip” that can be toggled on or off depending on your mood. “Think of it like a pedometer. A pedometer measures your steps. The Rank Chip measures your skills. How well are you playing the game mode? Are you pulling your weight? Are you racking up enough Ks to offset your Ds?” Ranked Play is currently in beta and only the toughest of the tough can test it, Gen 10’s and five of their friends can currently try out this new feature.

Map Stars

These will add in a bit more of a challenge in the longrun and only have to be achieved once, reach the score goals on each map to gain 3 stars. Pilots completing these will recieve new Titan insignias as well. For me this seems very similar to the Special Ops mode in Modern Warfare 2, albeit now across the entire game.


New Titan OS

Just like the previous DLC update, your Titan can have even more voices. “Sid is aggressive and dominating, while Vanessa is warm and inviting. In addition, you can purchase Black Market versions of the Betty Titan OS in multiple languages.” You can make you Titan even more unique with these additions.

Black Market – Forged Connections

Instead of having to fulfill each and every requirement within each Regeneration tier you can now skip on through by purchasing these. You can get to Generation 10 in no time, but note any challenges that you don’t legitimately complete won’t net you their rewards. It’ll also void a new Achievement, “Too Legit To Quit” which rewards player to tough it through to the end without Forged Connections.


Two New Game Modes

In addition to Frontier Defense, multiplayer will receive new game modes as well. Deadly Ground, is a take on “Hot Lava Monster” in which the entire ground will be covered in electrified smoke and the only way to get around will be running or walljumping. Marked For Death Pro, is an intense one life classic round based version of it’s predecessor.


New Achievements and Fixes

The Xbox One will recieve a total of 17 new achievements for pilots to strive for. They’ve also fixed and tuned a lot of Titanfall‘s gameplay and settings including load time optimization, Minimap alert on unsilenced foes, keeping Titans from flying, and neck snaps that used to fail. More fixes can be seen in the top article.

In the end, it all adds into the games newfound longevity as games become less and less long-term games and players come and go. So if your Titanfall disc is collecting dust, pop it back in now to experience all of this new content to keep you playing just a bit more. I know I’ll be revisiting the game for sure.

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