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Three New Mega Pokemon Revealed

Posted on August 11, 2013 at 9:32 pm by Justin Cavender

Mega Pokemon

Last week Nintendo announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for Nintendo 3DS will feature Mega Evolutions. When holding a Mega-Stone, select Pokemon have the power to Mega-Evolve, taking your Pokemon to the next level. Today we were introduced to Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol, and Mega Mawile as three new Mega Pokemon.

Torchic Pokemon

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be available on October 12, at that time players can get a rare Torchic holding a Mega Stone needed for Blaziken’s Mega Evolution. This Torchic will also feature a Speed Boost ability, increasing a Pokémon’s speed at the end of every turn. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to find a Torchic with this ability through regular gameplay.

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