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Third Monster Revealed in Evolve and New Open Beta Announcement

Posted on December 18, 2014 at 3:18 pm by Justin Cavender

Wraith Evolve

2K and Turtle Rock Studios unleashed three exciting announcements today for Evolve including a new monster, an offline single-player mode, and a new open beta for Xbox One. Holy smokes let’s hit all of these and go right down the line.

The Wraith, Evolve’s third monster was revealed today in a fun trailer that sees a group of hunters being stalked like prey in the shadows. The Wrath monster features some pretty cool abilities, but also has the least amount of armor and health. Basically, you’ll need to play smart and separate the heard as much as possible before you go for the kill.

Wraith’s Abilities:

  • Warp BlastTravel instantly to a target to create an explosion dealing damage to everything around you.
  • Decoy – Creates a clone of herself that attacks targets to distract Hunters. While the decoy is deployed, the Wraith becomes invisible.
  • Abduction – Removes hunters to a large distance away from their teammates. After grabbing the target, the Wraith returns to its original location in the blink of an eye.
  • Supernova – Creates an arena and inside the Wraith becomes a frenzied with increased attack power and speed. If Wraith leaves the Supernova, it returns to a normal state.

An offline single-player mode will be available for those of you that aren’t in the mood for online play. Choose between the hunters or the monster and square-off against computer controlled opponents. This includes every character, every map, and every monster–so go nuts.

Finally, Evolve will have another open beta exclusive to Xbox One owners with a Gold Live account. The open beta will begin at 6AM ET on Thursday, January 15 and run through January 19. Additionally, new hunter and monster characters unlocked during the beta will carry over to the retail version. The beta will also include access to Evacuation, the game’s campaign that throws a mix of maps and modes to spice things up. There will be a smaller tech-test run for PS4 and PC users during this time, but your progress will not carry over. You can learn more about how to get involved with the test on the game’s website.

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