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The Wolverine: Not Your Boy Next Door Hero

Posted on July 26, 2013 at 11:25 am by Jess Hicks

Like many, I have had a love hate relationship with the X-Men film franchise, but I have stuck it out through the highs and the lowest of lows (insert X-Men Last Stand joke here). I was not happy with the last Wolverine movie, so much so that I have all but blocked it from my memory. Regardless of that, I ventured out last night in high spirits because I had heard a lot of good early reviews of The Wolverine. Honestly, I had fun. It wasn’t perfect but it was an entertaining departure from the others. There may be some minor spoilers below, nothing to ruin the movie, but spoiler’s nonetheless. READER BEWARE!

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The Wolverine takes place after the events of  X-Men: Last Stand, with Logan in seclusion and hiding in the woods while suffering from flashbacks of Jean Gray and a life he wishes he had. We’re then introduced to a man Logan saved during the attack on Nagasaki in WWII. Yashida remains fascinated with the man who couldn’t die, and devoted his life’s work to finding a way to replicate and capture the ability for himself. Now he has discovered a way to capture immortality and has brought Logan to Tokyo to discuss things. But does Logan really want to give up his gift ?

This movie has everything in it! Ninjas, mutants, giant adamantium samurai suits! It’s really just a fun bag of tricks that keep you glued to the screen. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this movie is that we have a “superhero” who isn’t afraid to bust some skulls and even kill people if necessary. We are surrounded with superheroes who simply ruff up their adversaries and then lock them away, only to have them escape again. One of the best scenes in The Wolverine happens when Logan tosses a guy out of a window only to have him land in a pool. When asked how he knew there was a pool down there he responds with, “I didn’t.” Logan is troubled and rough around the edges,  but that’s why we love him. He has guilt, anger, love, confusion, everything we can relate to as regular people, but he can kick some major ass! Hugh Jackman is perfect as the wise ass with a heart. Although, there was a glaring absence of cigars in this flick.


We also have a few side characters throughout the film, some better than others. On the one hand, we have our two other mutants: Viper and Yukio. Yukio is sent to bring Logan to Japan, and we learn she has the gift to foresee the future…or death…or both? I was hoping for a little bit more background on her character and power, but it just never happened. For such a potentially bad ass character, we really didn’t get to know Yukio at all.

Then there’s the antagonist mutant, Viper. She’s a cross between human and snake with the immunity to all toxins and poisons known to man. However, we don’t get much of her either until the end, and by then we just don’t care. She seems pretty useless in the greater scheme of things, and is only used to have an “evil” mutant to fight Logan.

The Wolverine isn’t perfect, there are some things missing that will hopefully be on a director’s cut. I would have liked more story on the clan of ninjas sworn to protect the Yashida name, or more on Yashida himself. What it boils down to is that my problem with this film is the same as with all X-Men films after the second one: there’s too much going on in this universe to cram in to a single movie. Personally, I would like to see a really well done TV series for the X-Men universe…but I digress.

The Wolverine is a fun ride and a great look into Logan’s, personality past the tough guy act. We get to see some awesome action from ninjas, mutants, and even the Yakuza. Hugh Jackman delivers a fantastic Wolverine, and director James Mangold did a great job revitalizing a stale franchise. As always, stay after the initial credits for a truly awesome snippet featuring my favorite characters. Let us know what you thought after you see it!


The Wolverine Grade: B-

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