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The Weird And Wonderful World Of Gaming Fanatics

Posted on April 30, 2015 at 8:04 am by Geek Legacy


Stereotypically, gamers have a bit of a bad reputation. We’re seen as moody teenagers that sit in our mother’s basement, cans of Coke dotted around the floor, playing World of Warcraft. But that’s simply not the case.

In fact, gaming has scaled dizzying heights of late and we, as an entire planet, spend three billion hours per week playing video games with a very diverse background of gamers. So as you’d expect, that background also includes the weird and the wonderful – the gaming fanatics.

There are thousands upon thousands of gaming fanatics out there, obsessed with everything from StarCraft to Assassin’s Creed, with conventions drawing dressed-up fans in the masses.

Of course, that’s no surprise in an industry worth over $2.6 billion. But which games draw the biggest fan boys and girls?

World of Warcraft


It’s perhaps World of Warcraft which has the most hardcore bunch of fans. The role-playing game has grown quite the fan base over the decade it’s been in circulation, and some players have become super fans.

Now, every girl dreams of her big day. White gown. Big church. A beautiful bouquet of flowers. Yet, for two WoW super fans, or Warlords, they had a completely different idea.


The Taiwanese duo dressed up as two of the game’s stars – King Varien Wrynn and Tyrande Whisperwind – to tie the knot, complete with big sword, and a WoW theme throughout.

But they aren’t the only World of Warcraft fans who have taken the virtual Warcraft universe into the real world, with the Goblin gyrocopter landing in a small suburb in China.


For those unfamiliar, we’ve put the game’s actual gyrocopter next to the fan’s amazing effort at creating it, just to show how much time and effort has been put into every detail by the player who calls himself wq241332496 in the universe.

They’re a special group of fans, and head to any comic or game convention and you’ll likely see fans dressed up as orcs or frostwolves or simply topless. Like this man…


Assassin’s Creed

Although it isn’t just WoW which has fans flocking to conventions dressed in the attire, Assassin’s Creed has a pretty loyal following too. In fact, they go as far as taking it beyond conventions and into their professions.

Amongst the world’s biggest gaming fanatics is PokerStars professional Bertrand Grospellier, who has in the past entered major poker tournaments dressed as his favorite Creed character.

The man, who has almost $11million in poker tournament winnings, combined both business and pleasure by wearing his Ezio Auditore da Firenze outfit to the European Poker Tour in Deauville, although sadly he couldn’t channel his inner assassin and take out his opposition, finishing just 32nd.

Although it has caused some controversy too. Not amongst Grospellier, but with a man who roamed around the streets of Rottweil in Germany dressed as the character, with the police even sending out appeals to turn himself in.

Parents reported their children couldn’t sleep at night, as it all got a little out of hand. The unnamed man said following the incident, “I am a huge fan of the game, and I just really like the costume and wanted to wear it.

“I didn’t have any idea it would upset people and cause such a fuss.”

Super Mario

One duo that can’t cause complaints about their outfits however is the Super Mario Bros. who dress as two red and green inoffensive plumbers.

Every Halloween hundreds of people dress as Mario and Luigi to take to the streets for a night of partying, but it’s perhaps elsewhere where Mario fans take things to another level.

Perhaps the coolest thing however was created by TouchFuzzyGetDizzy, who created some incredible papercraft statues of the pair.

Unfortunately they aren’t as big as they look, with Luigi only being 50cm tall, but they look truly magnificent, and we’d like to think if the pair ever did make it into the real world, they’d look more like this and less like the actual movie, which the late Bob Hoskins described as the worst movie he ever made.

That’s not the end of the talented fans either, with one fan, Erik Ross, recreating the entire game Super Mario 64 in HD.

However, Nintendo made him take it down due to copyright infringements, and we’ll sadly have to wait for Nintendo’s next Mario release to enjoy some HD gaming.

Tomb Raider


Finally, we all know Tomb Raider. It’s had films, comics, books, and an animated series off the back of its huge first release back in 1996, and it’s gained something of a cult following across the series.

None more so than with Tomb Raider III, which sets itself in London and real-life locations.

The title sees hero Lara Croft head to the Natural History Museum to collect a bottle of embalming fluid, but with assassins out to get her, she must battle her way through the museum. It’s one of the game’s most famous scenes and to this day fans flock to the museum to see where the action unfolds.

That’s on top of Aldwych Tube Station, a closed station which is featured in the game. It’s become close to the hearts of Tomb Raider fans, with some being lucky enough to get a glimpse inside.


And with gaming continually getting bigger and bigger, fans are only going to come up with more weird and wonderful things to create and get involved with. In a world of billions of gamers, what will a fanatic come up with next? Either way it’ll sure be to make the news!

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